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advice on 3d or 4d ultrasounds?

I am 6 and a half months pregnant, and i recently went to the doctor and had a 4d ultrasound. i'm very concerned because my baby's nose looked really big. is it normal for baby's to look deformed on 3d ultrasounds?

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    oh my gosh, mine is the same way! i think its just because it is so close up. its probably nothing to worry about!

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    3D and 4D technology shows exactly what your baby looks like. It does not distort the image. I work in a Hospital and we have the 4D ultrasound. If in deed the nose is bigger in proportion to his/her head. Maybe the rest of the face will catch up to the nose while the child grows. Just be happy your child is healthy and don't worry. All will work out just fine. I am sure your child will be very happy.

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    Go to In the search field, go to "week by week". It will show you what your baby will look like on a 3/4d ultrasound.

    Your baby's face still has yet to fatten up, which could make the nose appear larger.

    Babies don't start looking "normal", per se, until the last two months. They're still developing, though, at six months. They kind of look like aliens.

    If there were anything wrong with your baby, your doc would have told you. Try to relax.

    Congrats on the baby.

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    yes i read this ... some girl went to do a 3d ultrasound and said the babys nose looked really big but when the baby was born that it wasnt big at all!!...

    maybe the baby was moving around and it caught that bluryness...

    well congrats.!!..

    Im planning one at the end of the month!!..

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    yes! I am sure when your baby comes out it will be beautiful. i have always found that the 4d ultrasounds arent all that great.

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    Next time before you go have a coffee or an OJ or a soda. That might make the baby move a bit more so you can get some different views.

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