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Turkey Strut?

i have a 9 month old turkey. the only one we have. he is in with some chickens. The past few days he has been struttin for a few seconds at a time. Does he see other turkeys, there is alot of wild turkey around, or does he strut just because?

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    I have a 2 year old Turkey named Charles. He is forever strutting around the place. Oddly enough, even though he has two female turkeys, he seems to be more "turned on" by my gaggle of geese and spends his days following behind them in full display! I often think it must be tiring to show off like that all the time!

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  • If he is a male, then he is strutting just because :-) We have had roosters in with ducks with no other chickens around, and they display to the female ducks.

    It is just instinct...

    Source(s): We have turkeys too... Royal Palms and Bourbon Reds
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