Period came 4-5days early, and only lasted 2 days????

My period is 4-5 days ealry and only lasted 2 days. This is follwed by a lot of headaches, crampimg, and nasuea. Took HPT yesterday came up negative. Went to the doctor and took a blood test, but I don't get results untill Friday. Had a ovarian cyst that irrupted last week. Just wanted to here other opinions...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Im not a doctor or anything but my period will come early often because of stress, either mental or on my body. This may be why you had these problems. As for the other things Im not sure, but it really does not sound like you are pregnant so I would not worry about that right now, especially with a negative HPT.

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    1 decade ago

    I might have thought that the HPT was wrong due to the nausea that you experienced, but because you had a cyst that errupted last week, I'm betting that's all it was. Cysts can really mess up your cycle and also can give you all those symptoms. I'm pretty sure that's all it was. I'm sure the blood test will come back negative. Good luck! Hope you get the result you want.

  • 4 years ago

    WOW! i am going throughout the coolest comparable element . it is my first time on the hoop and that i did not use backup secure practices the 1st week . My breast experience and look lots fuller, I too am having warm flashes and that i've got been employing the restroom lots . I took my ring out 4 days early besides Thursday and right here that's Sunday and my era nevertheless has no signs and indicators of exhibiting up . i've got been doing a lot of finding on line and that i study that in many situations it may take in to in step with week on your era to start , wish that's the case with us:) . If my era arrives i'm going to enable you know via fact it sounds like we are in the precisely comparable boat.

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    Funny, same thign happened to me, i had a 5cm cyst, and now its gone... my period came early was real light for 2 days then got spotting again 3 days later. Then i got my next period late...... now i just got it again 2 weeks after the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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