Koh Samui & Chinag Mai?

I would like to know what all is there to do in Chiang Mai & Koh Samui. Also, will we require tour guides to show us around? If yes then approx how much do they charge?

I’m going there at the end of this month.

Thanks a tonn!

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    I personally like the beach so south of Thailand is good but Koh Samui is not the beach that i will choose. It's too much tourist and there is no feeling of Thai. It's better to go to Phuket or Krabi. It's about the same distance from Bangkok. Snorkling/diving site is fantastic. It's very cheap when compare to US. With about 100$ a night you can get very very good 4-5 stars hotel already. Local food is about a dollar per meal. The tour guide is available evey where which you can book form the hotel.

    Chiang Mai is at the Northern part of Thaiiland. It's kind of hot right now (hot and humid) and the best time to go there is at the end of the year when the weather is nice. There are a lot of traditional Thai that you can see.

    Don't forget to take some extra time to spend in Bangkok. There are a lot of shopping places.

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    You can take a jungle elelaphant tour in Chang Mai. Personally I'd pick another beach than Koh Samui, as it is busy and touristy. Resorts on the Andaman coast are better. If you do go to Koh Samui, you can take some boat tours around the marine reserve islands. there are plenty of Bars and nightclubs as well. Snorkling is amazing the next island over, Koh Panang. This is the place that has the Full Moon festival as well.

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    Chiang Mai is basically a cultural city and a base to explore northern Thailand. There you can do elephant trekking, river rafting, visit hill tribes, visit handy craft centre and visit the Golden Triangle. Koh Samui is an island off Thailand on it's Eastern sea board. It is an paradise resort with lots of sand, sun, sea and water sports.

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    hi, you ought to purchase a value ticket at maximum stations many times an afternoon or 2 in develop. attempt to e book a 2d class sleeper. Ask for backside bunk, lots larger, extra convenience, and you have the window to work out out as you get close to to Chiang Mai, its proper to work out. nutrition on board isn't the excellent and extremely costly, for Thailand that's. prepare leaves Bangkok at 1800 arrives Chiang Mai 07:15 as long as there are not any hassles. fee 880 baht. Have an incredible trip.

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    The tourism website will tell you what activities you can do in tose 2 places and there is also quite a comprehensive list of tour companies and guides and adventure fare on the site too. Browse it and all your queries will be answered.

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