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Letting go of the dream? How did you do it? What suggestions do you have?

I have always relied on Christ, dependent on maturity---in process. "I am a child of the King" and believe I will be okay, Life has dished out its share of stuff & my attitude and the help of God has always been avail. so whats my prob? After 7 auto accidents, 4 job changes, 2 surgeries, 2 moves, etc. etc. I've been thrown some things, big things that have tossed my happy little life into a blender, turned it upside down and cranked it up to frappe! I put words to my prayers of gratitude, thanksgiving and trust--but they are only words. I am standing on faith and asking others to pray for me. My heart is broken---mostly because ways that I was of service to God, others and myself has been severely limited by illness, its also changed my ability to give, my financials and even my ability to think quick. I get it that God decides what we need not what we want---when the Lord sent them to the gates of Phillipi that were shocked too to learn that they were not to go thru--thats me

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    SEVEN auto accidents?

    Maybe religion shouldn't be your first concern.

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    What dream? The American dream or the religious dream?

    I hate to tell you this, but your idea of faith and service is making you a victim on one hand, instead of a king's child; and on the other hand a Martha in the kitchen with no complaints. Choose the better part and it will not be taken away.

    I didn't let go of the dream until I lost everything but my life. I did not reject all my answers but rather gave them up. My main advantage was retaining the idea that Jesus was somehow central to all understanding.

    To let go of a dream is to let go of what you think. You are so caught up in current circumstances and religious connections that it is hard for me to answer. So I am recommending for your consideration four books. If you have met them do so again.

    1. "Illussions" by Richard Bach.

    2. "The Imitation of Christ" by A Kempis

    parts I and II only.

    3. "The Normal Christian Life" by Watchmn Nee.

    4. "Ephesians" by St. Paul.

    As a believer, ask yourself this. If you were God and had a child; would you subject that child to seven accidents, two surgeries, job and family turmoil, etc., etc.

    Finally, reconsider what service we can do for God? Is God upset because your idea and practice of service is now limited? God can raise up stones to do His service. A poor man who gives $10.00 gives more than a rich man who gives $10,000. Let go and let God.

    Source(s): Bible, KJV
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    You are just at a low point in your life, maybe depressed, justifiably too. If this faith has always helped you before, then don't be too quick to give up now. As you said, maybe you aren't thinking clearly. But, sometimes life events like this can be used to turn your life around and transform it to something else. Only you know what and only you can do this.

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    You have had a rough life and my prayers are with you. But we all have gone through things that we just don't understand, things that can and will drain life out of us specially the spiritual life that we once had before this or that happened to us..Sounds like you have always been a giver maybe its time that you are to be the reciever now for awhile. God has blessed you in many ways and He is still going to bless you in many ways even though you may not see it or feel it in your heart right now.There is alot of things that we don't see, hear or feel that God is doing at moment like this. I have no idea what God's plans are for you but I know He is not done with you, even though you may feel like your done your not, God can use you still through everything that has happened to you..Just seeing the smile on your face, the light of Jesus in your face, the scars from the pain you have suffered through the years, will be a blessing to others, as far as the ability to think quick we all go through that, it doesn't make you any less of a person than what you were before.have you ever read the story of the tea cup? how is was made before it came out beauitful, it went through alot of pain, through many cracks that had to be redone, many rough spots that had to be smooth out, it was on the wheel more many times till it came out to what God wanted, your the tea cup and God will finish the work He has started in you, He will use you for His purpose for His will and His way..Don't give up, your faith is down yes but you can bring it back up, rest in the Lord give Him a chance to finish what He is doing, the gate I think you need not to worry your doing fine, just down on faith and alittle depressed, you need to look up to see Jesus' face and keep your eyes on Him and He will see you through all this..he never left you before and He is not about to leave you now...

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    You are going through the gates by learning from every experience given to you. It's just that the gates you thought you were to go through, the wide, easy, comfortable ones weren't God's will for you. He's got other plans because you have been faithful.

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    I'm in a conflict ..i too have lost mom and i were in an accident my mom died next me i received massive head trauma and lost my hearing and awaiting to heal for possible more to come..i love music i loved playing my cello.....i cant talk very well either. and i at one time i most loved to sing i was not like professional but i weren't bad either I'm empty i lost a cherished friend that i fell deeply in love with...i still feel a connection i can't explain..and I'm struggling with suicidal thoughts the night before Easter i ask my older brother to help me stop hurting to let my life end ,so i would no longer be a burden to them...and i were scheduled for surgery two days later i was taken to the psychiatric ward and placed in my families custody..I'm just now getting my own life back and I'm pressured to enter school soon and I'm scared. ill fail them again..i lost so many friends and people that are different like i am we don't get too much respect in if i had a dream id choose .being able to meet my friend someday, i never had a chance for her to know my attributes my qualities and i haunts me to the day that i never got to see her face yet i feel a special connection if there was anything like a soul friend i truly believe it was her and i am having pains deep inside from this however letting go it hurts me SO bad,,,i have a hard time letting go...most of my life everyone i love abandons me...or they die ...or they just walk Ive lost my faith in our lord and it frightens me so much..Ive never felt so lost so alone......abandonment its my worst fear living it now...

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