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How do I make him chase me??

Okay my friends keep telling me to move on with this one guy and forget him. He plays alot of head games and ppl keep telling me he's a player. He acts like he cares about me so much and gives me compliments. But then he will pick on me and call me a loser, geek or even a nerd. I don't care much about that but I care when he said he wants to see me cry!! I was like WTF? why would you he told me he's not sure why. he has had two gf's the entire time I have known him. I am homeschooled and go to the high school every morning to hang out with friends. He is there and I hang with him. But I like it. Is there a way to make him chase me with out stop going up to school? Because I need

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    run up to him and say "tag you're it" then run off and see if he chases you

    good luck

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    You don't. The most powerful thing is not to play the game.

    You and he are flirting, which is great fun. Enjoy that, but don't confuse it with something else. Playing games with peoples' emotions is not a nice thing to do, because someone gets hurt feelings in the end. Not nice.

    Head games are nasty and immature. Picking on someone and calling her a loser, geek, or nerd is insulting -- what do you want THAT for? Move on. Don't waste ONE tear on someone who would be willing to hurt you just for fun.

    On the other hand, being homeschooled, you may be lonely, so you may need to ask for more opportunities to meet more people, so you can meet other guys, and find someone nicer.

    And remember, flirty talk is just light stuff. Look underneath for the real character of the person, even while you are goofing around.

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    If he is such a jerk and keep making fun of you behind your back, well the same advice your friends said to you is the best. Just move on with your life. If he did really like you and u became his girlfriend, he might be cheating on you with loads of girls without you knowing it. So in order not to get hurt just ignore him as people said and let him think that you are not easy to get to and confident so he would respect you and MIGHT ask you out if he is not really a jerk. The question is, do u think he is a jerk some of the times? If you knew him for a long time, and you know his personality really well, then it is up to you. But plz dont fall for bad guys. There is a huge possibility that he is bad guy. Believe in what your CLOSE friends say about him. They might be right!

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    You are a fool hon! don't fall into that trap of being there when he needs someone to ridicule. He is a player and also very immature with it! Move away from a guy like that, as you'll only find heartbreak and sadness. Have a good day.

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  • Anonymous
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    He obviously puts you down and gives you compliments at the same time because he likes you but he's just childish: I used to like this girl when I was 8 years old so I always pulled her hair, stuck chew gum in her hair, kicked her, etc. Just because I really liked her, so do the maths!

    Looks like you're going to be the one to make the first step

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    well first of all you need to forget about him.... players=cheaters and I dont think you want that. and if he wants to see you cry and calls you names obviously he doesnt really care about you to him your just like the rest. if you want him to chase you do what the dude said down here XD lol

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    You need to chase him. Tell him you want to take him out on a date...and not as friends.

  • Anonymous
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    Honey, if you have the body language and cruves in the rihgt place he will chase you wihtout a doubt. If he chooses not too, may be he would prefer Men.

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    Wow!!!! What did your mother teach you. sweetheart He is a big Fat Lahooooozeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    Be that as it may. walk away ignore him. be mature and tell him he is nasty and immature. You don't need that.

    He is an *** honey.

    Why are girls always interested in the jerks that treat them like dog food.. Look at your self and see what it is in you that wants to date this guy.

    I wonder.........................

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    i kno wht u mean. this one guy said he loved me and he still iked my but then he has a new gf even tho he still likes me(he told me) u really do need to move on. hes not nice. dont do this to urself. but if u want things to work tlk to him about it!! i hope things get better!!!


  • Essie
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    He wants to see you cry and he has two gf's?? You need to leave this boy alone b/c he's no good.

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