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What is going on with my hair?

For my entire life, I have had straight manageable hair. It will never hold curl, it just lies there. Recently, I've been having a huge problem with knots in the back of my hair! I condition, even have started detangler, and it takes me 30mins to brush my shoulder length hair! I thought it was from pony tails, but I havent worn my hair up in a week and its still occuring! HELP


Just to reply to everyone's questions. I have not dyed my hair. I just recently got it cut, so there are no dead ends. I do use a satin pillow case. I have tried 30 different kinds of shampoos. I find that Dove works the best, but still doesn't work all that well. If I put my hair in a bun, it's even worse! I rarely blow dry my hair, but do run a flat iron through it once in a while. But that's normal!

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    I have hair that falls about midway down my back but it's REALLY thick (it's also straight and really healthy) but sometimes I get knots underneath my hair right at the nape of my neck. It happens worse if I wear anything with a collar or like a turtle neck. if I wear those I have to put my hair up. Braiding helps but I hate how braids look (just my personal prefference.) Biolage makes a detangler you use in the shower that's really awesome. Try that -- I used to hardly be able to brush my hair before I found that. (It's a little more expensive than Dove obviously but totally worth it). Also, get a really wide-toothed comb and comb your hair in the shower while the detangler is still in your hair, start at the bottom and work up until you can get the comb completely through w/out tearing your hair out. I have had long, thick hair all my life, and this is the best solution I have found to date! Hope this works for you!

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    something should have been changed. Did you dye your hair or make any chemical processes? Did you change your shampoo? Did you move to somewhere else (water is a major element, hard water can result problems on your hair)?

    First find the reason of your problem to solve.

    Here are some tips:

    - Chemically damaged hair is very difficult to manage. Use a proper shampoo and a conditioner which will moisturize and detangle. I can advise you L'oreal Elseve (so called Elvive), I'm using antibreakage (yellow) and very happy with the result..

    - If you're using a harsh shampoo (with too many cleansers), it can take away yout hair's natural oils and moist. So this can result with your managebility problem. If so change your shampoo with a more proper one.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have darkish brown thick hair obviously. When it's darkish brown it appears healthful, glossy, and appears like I have much less hair & thinner. Thats simply an phantasm, type of like while you put on black garments, you appear thinner. When I get particularly blonde highlights all over the place, it appears particularly thick, broken, and appears like I have a ton of hair and you'll see each and every layer and perspective. one million.) Dark brown skinny hair doesnt appear dangerous. two.) Dark hair wont particularly make your hair appear thicker in case you have skinny hair to start with. There are alot of goods in the market to make your hair appear extra volumized similar to shampoos. Also be certain you're taking a diet day-to-day and devour right nutrients. Your hair gets more healthy.

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    I have the same problem but my hair is almost to my butt and it is very thick for me at night I try to braid it up.I also leave conditioner in it always.I do not blow dry ever.I try not to wear mine in a pony cause it does it like that as well when you find the solution please let us all know who has this problem.Im tired of braiding it up.

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    You may also want to invest in a Satin Bonet to sleep in it works great for me along with keeping the hair out of my hair.

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    Try braiding your hair at bedtime to keep it from getting tangled in your sleep. If you get any tangling during the day, try Johnson and Johnson's detangler spray.

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    hmmmm, maybe you've started moving around a lot more in your sleep....try a satin pillowcase, that's supposed to help with the stopping of face breakouts and condition of hair

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    Maybe you need to cut your dead ends. Try doing that, it will work. It does for me all the time.

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    try wearing your hair up in a bun after brushing. if i wear my hair down, it gets really tangled.

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