anyone know anything about devil may cry: sins remembered?

It's a film set just before the third game about lady's stuggle to find out what the hell happened with her life if anyone can tell me more dont give me websites, i would be most grateful

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    Devil May Cry: Sins Remembered has been produced by a tiny independent production company, Shadow Motion Pictures, in Atlanta and directed by R.L. Scott.

    Director R.L. Scott says the work is different from the games, because Capcom "did not want to see a film that was completely from their own writers as it would not be a pure representation of what I could offer them as a filmmaker." By different, he has eliminated characters like Vergil and is rumored to have added werewolves.

    Apparently, the fifty-minute picture will be used to promote Scott's movie career. Besides working as a "crew hand" on The Legend of Bagger Vance, he claims to written Underworld. He's lot listed as a credited writer on IMDB; however, he could have taken his name off that film. He's using this DMC promo film to sell a full-length feature idea called Devil Hunter or convince Capcom into letting him direct the DMC feature.

    Devil May Cry: Sins Remembered takes place somewhere between Devil May Cry 3 (the prequel) and Devil May Cry 1. “The story deals with the inner conflict of the characters. Lady is in search of her father for the death of her mother, she is very tough in this film. We see her transition from Mary to Lady. Arkham is obsessed with becoming all powerful and possessing the Sparda,” R.L. explains. So what about the rumors about a human Nelo and a little girl playing Trish? Those were just possibilities and not part of the final film, “I’ve been trying to set this straight for months… there is a discussion forum we have up called Devil May Cry the movie where several months ago I had a very well versed group of fans online that I posed several questions to. They didn’t know that they were a part of the creative process of building the storyline. There were two scenarios posted. In one thread the question was what do you think should be in the film, storyline and so on. The other was that there would be no Vergil, Trish would be a little girl, there would be werewolves and Nelo would be human. I wanted to get a genuine reaction from the fans about what they would love to see in the film and what they would never want to see in the film… I got exactly what I wanted from them.” One thing for sure is Vergil is in the movie along with Arkham, Trish, Mundus, Lady and of course Dante. How did the R.L. get the actors? “I held a casting call in Atlanta, and tons of people showed up… I didn’t realize that DMC had so many fans.” Out of all the hopefuls, Paul Watson, a martial artist and not guy from Greenpeace, got the role of Dante. Elizabeth Tavares is going to be Lady and Caple Davis plays Arkham. Other members of the cast include Greg Forman, Matt Vilichay and Kanya Jones. R.L. also promises plenty of action in the film. Tricks from the game are acted out with the help of a green screen and wires. Fans can look forward to a huge sword duel in the movie.

    While the focus has been on Devil May Cry, R.L.’s not so secret goal is to use this short film as a vehicle for Devil Hunter. R.L. hopes that the exposure from Devil May Cry: Sins Remembered will trickle into his other project. It’s a gutsy move, but R.L. explains, “in this business you have to be fully committed to reaching your goals, and determination goes a long way.”. R.L. didn’t want to reveal too much on Devil Hunter but this is what he could tell us and the world “It takes place in present time. The lead characters name is Christian and he is a direct descendant of Abraham ( the man who walked with God )

    Check out this interview with the director.

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