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Will Baseball fine Curt Schilling For His Radio Comments Condemning Barry Bonds?

That's not to say that what he said isn't true but it's a matter of solid proof. Do you think he has proof or do you think he's just mouthing off as usual? Will Bud Selig turn his back on this one as well?

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    Clearly since the facts speak differently than what Mr. Schilling suggested they do, it was as you called it"mouthing off". Will there be fines? Big time NO. Simply put, Schilling didnt speak against baseball or the elements therein....i.e. umpires, owners, etc. Thats what draws fines, not opinions about Barry Bonds. As a side note, it should be noted that theres been long standing antimosity between Bonds and Schilling, thus the real source of the comments.

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    everything he said is a matter of public record. nothing selig can do about it. try listening to the interview.

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    i heard that last night because I was looking for the R. game and I listened to Curt talk. probably

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    They should fine him.

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    what were the comments?

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