What is the best brand of paint to use for interior painting? What is a reasonable cost per gallon for paint?

I'm painting our new home today and have to buy the paint. I'm not sure what a reasonable cost for a high quality paint is per gallon. We're on a budget but want good coverage so we only have to do one coat. What is the best brand and best store to buy from without spending a lot of money?

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    You do not need to waste your money on Benjamin Moore or Porter or Sherwin Williams paint. Go to Lowe's and get Valspar or go to Home Depot and get Behr. They should cost around $20-$29. Both of these were ranked in the top 3 on consumer reports. They are both a premium paint. Which means one coat coverage, 100% acryllic(that is what actually makes the paint stick), latex(wated-based). Good Luck!

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    benjamin moore paint is hands down the best I have ever used and I dont know where these people are shopping for behr paint but I have usually found it at around 19 to 20$ a gallon benjamin moore is usually more expensive at 38$ a gallon but I will tell you this much its the difference from silk to peanut butter I would imagine your going to cut (tape) the room on the boarders one thing I have noticed is that behr paint when your removing the tape you have to go along the tape with a razor or the paint can actually come off the wall with the tape... benjamin moore is alot nicer coats evenly shows fewer roller marks and brush strokes... I have never used sherwin williams but I would imagine its probably along the same lines a benjamin moore... but from what I have heard you cant go wrong with benjamin moore... Oh and behr has a stronger odor then benjamin moore...

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    Many Home Centers sell good paint. If you want the best, do what the pros do. Go to a paint store such as Sherwin Williams. Great paint has more pigment in it and thus, covers better and lasts longer. Probably talking at least $30 a gallon.

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    I had good experience with Bear (Home depot) and Olympia.

    Both brands gives good coverage in one hand. Also they are easy to clean without fading.

    Bear has beautiful range of color, more modern. The cost is so so, a gallon goes between $40.

    Olympia is chipper. (I believe is Lowes who carries it)

    I paint my kitchen with this one, and the first hand were more than enough; but I still made two. And I found the exact color I want.

    You know who can help you better, the sale person at the paint counter. I painted my kitchen counter, and I already had good info but the sales person helped me a lot.

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    i too am in the process of picking out paint and have asked tons of people their opinion. Many have said Behr from Home Depo. But they're a little pricey. But keep in mind you get what you pay for too. I've also heard of Kilz or something like that...they guarantee only one coat of paint. But I've also been told if that paint chips, then you can easily pull a whole strip of it off. Good Luck!

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