How do I bring up my yahoo email account on FoxFire?

When I try to sign into yahoo mail on FoxFire it just keeps going back to the sign in page. Help Please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I use Firefox as well, for 5 years now, it works great with the Yahoo tool bar installed. I have 3 tool bars installed. And 3 mailboxes in Firefox, Yahoo, G-Mail and Hotmail. I also use Thunderbird mail from Mozilla it is real simple to use.

    You must get the Yahoo tool bar for Firefox and also let Yahoo be your home page at Mozilla as well, it's easy to set up just about any way you like. You must go to Mozilla's add on page and download these. I have installed the latest version of Firefox and took the time to go to their site for all the custom tools and extensions. I have installed Foxy tunes as well as a video down loader and a weather station. I have my SKYPE messenger in the mix as well. Mozilla is more flexible than MS Explorer and easier to modify. I keep Icons to Yahoo messenger and mail on my desktop as well. If you have more problems with this contact me directly via Yahoo messenger I can talk you through it. LOL KATT

  • 1 decade ago

    Just use firefox instead of explorer. Go to yahoo and log in same as usual. You can make yahoo your homepage on firefox if you like.

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