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what will shanny do?

will he retire?

will he stay with the ragrs for one more year?

will he go some where else?

i hope he at least stays on the rangers so i can watch him...

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    I hope he retires, so him and Chelios can move back to Detroit and get the senior citizens discount at Denny's every morning.

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    They interviewed him the other day and he basically said that he loved playing in NY and can't imagine playing anywhere else. He didn't want to give a final decision at this moment, but he feels good, so it seems he's not ready to retire.

    In addition, they interviewed Avery after talking to Shanny and Avery said something like, if Shanny still has two more years in him at least, he should stay and play here for the Rangers.

    I don't know how much the Rangers will offer him, and if money will even be a factor in Shanny's decision, but I'd say there's an 85% chance he plays for the Rangers next year.

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    I think that if he stays healthy all season he will have a great year. I hope he stays in New York. I personally am not a Ranger fan, but, I think that he has had a great career and should go out with an organization that has always shown that they respect the players that do there best for them. Regardless of how long they are with the team

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    Shanahan will probably remain at the NY Rangers, although he had to stay with the Red Wings when he became a free agent; everybody knows that he's a true red wing

    and he'll probably play until 40 at least.. hes 38 now

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    With the gut wrenching hit he took with Knuble, I actually hope for his sake he bows out gracefully and retires.

    He deserves the recognition he did well for the Rangers at the beginning of the year when no one else was, even led the league in goal scoring and earned his 600th goal with the Broadway Blues.

    I saw him whine with the Whalers (remember them) I saw him do wonders in Detroit and I saw him pick up the Rangers at the beginning of the year when there was no one else really stepping up for offense. He deserves recognition and should leave gracefully. As much as I want to see him play 1 more game, he should retrire.

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    Shanny, being a Mimico boy, has always wanted to play for the Maple Leafs. He may be wearing the Blue and White next year. It's not about the money.

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    Being a huge Ranger fan I hope to god he stays with us.If he leaves that will be a huge void we will have to fill.

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    Staying with Rangers is my bet.

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    I think that hit he took with the accidental collision with Knuble really hurt him. I would like to see him go out gracefully if he is still feeling some lingering effects of the concusion. I would hate to see him risk his post hockey days when he has nothing left to prove.

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    I hope he keeps playing!

    I do miss him as a Red Wing though :(

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