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I need help with this guy!?

Okay I have liked this guy for a year. He told me he liked me, but never said he still does. He doesn't treat me any different in fact we are close friends now. He had a girlfriend in the beginning when I first met him. He broke up with her and asked another girl out. I am 15 and I have never had a boyfriend..I am confused with this guy. He tells me things like I am pretty and that he likes my smile. And on days I feel like I am annoying to him, I will back off. But he will come to me all sad and ask why I am not talking to him. He took this girl to prom...knowing I wanted to go bad. He is pissing me off with his attitude. He also makes smart remarks too. He told me yesterday that he wants to see me cry for no reason. I told him I won't ever let anyone see me cry only one friend has. He says he will be the 2nd. I dunno if he wants to be the one who's shoulder I cry on, or he just really wants to see my feelings hurt! God he is confusing and he admits to that.. =*(

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    im going to say this loud and clear. this guy is no good. you are his emotional pillow. this guy knows "for a fact" that you are into him and you would most likely do almost anything from listening to him complain to being his "hot" best friend. he is using you especially with that kind of attitude and i guarantee that if you decided to not hang around him then he would feel like crap without you and yes he deserves that. find someone who likes you for you and not just someone who has you around for stupid reasons. if you stay with him you will only hurt yourself.

    Source(s): i graduated from high school. ive seen lots of things lol
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    Alright, girl, I will be totally honest with you. This guy sounds like a total jacka.s.s., and you should probably try to distance yourself from him. I am 16 years old, and I have had plenty of casual dates, but not many actual boyfriends. Guys are sometimes known as the "samplers" of the human race, because they like to sample different girls and see what kind of girl they like the best. He's probably sampling you, and thinking deep inside his head that he's gonna get him a sample. Don't give it to him! Be the smart girl that isn't fooled by every "Hey, baby" or "You so fine" remark that he throws at you. You are not a Barbie that he can just play with for a minute and when he gets sick of you he can just throw you to the side. You deserve better, and you should expect better. It's not wrong to want a little consideration for your feelings from a guy, and if he thinks it's wrong, then so is your relationship. Point is, you need to let this guy know that this rollercoaster double-minded facade he has going on needs to stop, that if he can't decide on one personality that you and he shouldn't hang out much anymore. You should NOT have to pull your hair out trying to figure what a guy wants.

  • He is having a power trip. He knows how you feel about him and he likes having the power over you to make you happy, hurt you, and make himself the central portion of your life at the moment. Find another guy friend to hang out with. He will become jealous of the time lost with you. He may or may not begin to act like you want him to from that point. It can go two ways, One he gets mad and treats you badly, Two he may tell you he is sorry and treat you with more respect; either way you will know what is going on, and exactly what type of person he is.

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    Have you read the book "He's just not that into you" ? Well, it sounds like this guy just isn't into you the way you are with him. Kick him to the curb and find a boy who will treat you with some admiration and respect. The guy doesn't even respect your feelings so you might need to kick him to the curb as your friend, also. Keep your chin up and don't let people dog on you like that. Nobody is there to protect you except you so start doing it.

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    I think you already answered your own question. It's not confusing at all. He is the one that's sounds confused.

    If he treats you like this then I have to wonder if you feel that you deserve this?

    Do you really want to be treated that way by him? If so then you are allowing yourself to get hurt by him.

    Guard your heart and move on. Don't get emotionally attached to someone who will only seek to bring you down. That is not a true friend.

    I think that you already know the answer don't you?

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    He is a player and is messing with your mind. Keep him at a distance and only as a friend. Sounds like he would break your heart in an instant if you gave him the opportunity. Think with your head, not your loins.

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    He sounds like he is more on a level of a friend as he is comfortable with you on this level.

    Try not to take nice comments from guys as they want you to be their gf. Girls seems to do this a lot and it ends up being all one-sided.

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    He wants to see you cry?? Hon, from now on when you see him coming, go in the other direction. He sounds like trouble that you could do without.

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    Forget him. He seems to not know what he wants. He knows he can get you because you told him you liike him. I think he just playing fun and games now, he lost intrest and went on to another girl. Ignore him he might just come chasing after you.

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    Leave him , and focus on your study , it will be a lot of time to engage with guys , you are just a minor and concentrate on you future.

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