When trying to save a field mouse, it viciously bit me....Do I need to worry about any health issues for myse?

When my cat brought home a field mouse, I tried to get the mouse away from her, to take it back into the woods. It was obviously injured. I tried to pick it up with a towel to protect MYSELF, but the little stinker (only doing what it knows to do to protect ITSELF) turned around and grabbed my finger and bit down with upper and lower teeth, puncturing the end of my finger. I have recently had a tetnaus shot. Is there anything else I should be concerned about for my own safety..concerning MY health? Thanks in advance for your advice!


Sorry for the typo, I meant "myself."

Update 2:

I took your advice and just called my doctor. (now that his office is open) He said that mice rarely if ever have rabies. "The tetnaus shot I had a year ago, is sufficient; but watch for any signs of infection in the days to come."

As always, I feel comfortable in knowing that I can usually get sincere answers, from the great members of Yahoo! Q&A.

My thanks to you all....

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    the only thing i would be concerned about is rabies. you might want to make an appt to get vacinated for that. your tetanus booster is good for 5 years

    as for the bite-make sure to wash it out well with warm water and antibiotic soap. apply neosporin to it and cover it with a bandaid or gauze wrap. keep it clean and dry. change it twice a day.

    watch it closely for these changes

    -increased redness,swelling, or tenderness

    -drainage of liquid of any color (especially if green or yellow)

    -you begin to run a fever of 100.5 or higher

    these are all signs that the bite is infected and you'll need antibiotics asap

    Source(s): i work in trauma icu
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    Yes, you need to go to a doctor soon and report that you were bitten. Mice rarely carry rabies, but it is possible. You need to report it so they can start a rabies series on you. Once symptoms show, it is too late. Treatment for rabies exposure is FREE.

    Chances are slim that the mouse had it, but you cannot take chances, as rabies is 100% fatal once you show symptoms. The only exception to that is the girl from Wisconsin treated a couple of years ago with what is now called the Milwaukee Protocol.

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    Rats can get rabies but I don't know about mice but I would think you would have to go to the doctor. Rabies is cured before it gets to you. Afterwards, it is hard to treat and people do die. I personally would go to the doctor. But if you want to know the truth, I would call a vet's office and ask if they can get rabies or whatever else they might have and ask the vet if you should go to the doctor. Tetanus shots last 5 years and they are for infection.

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    That's what happens when people mess with nature.See a Doctor..you need to get the rabies shot ASAP

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    Yes, please go to the health department. Don't let another day slip by on this one. Any animal bite is serious. Tetnus is not what you need. I stress to you, seek help and be safe.

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    is the bite and if it is you need to clean it out with alcohol and keep it clean

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    see a doc , soon it may have had a disease

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