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Creation story given a new meaning?

we live in a new world where Science and new knowledge has discovered that life is evolution and never was created at a specific time in history.

As a result how can we understand the story of creation ?

let me give it my best shot

Its a story that tells us that human life is divine and that should be respected. which means to be human is to be divine too.

The creation story should never be taken as a literal truth , and what do you make of my comments/

ex muslim turned atheist here

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    God did not create every thing at one time. It took him six days. Which could mean 6,000 years. Because one day with the Lord is as a 1,000 years and 1,000 years is as one day.

    I do believe man was created last.

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    "ex muslim turned atheist here" - Does that really affect anything?

    Some people believe that evolution is not actually true, and that the creation story is how we came to exist. In which case to them, the creation story has the obvious meaning.

    To people who are theist but believe in evolution, then yes it is just an allegory explaining why human life is special and why we should respect it.

    To atheistic evolutionists then the creation story hold very little meaning, as most atheists I know get their morals from other places, and not from God.

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    Life is not evolution. Diversity is a function of evolution.

    When you stop reading Genesis literally, you actually see how well the intuitive story matches up with current science. Energy precedes matter; life fills the oceans first; animals follow plants.

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    The story of creation is just another point of view.

    I think Science is another point of view too.

    It's just depends on which one we chose to belief.

    They could both be wrong.

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    Human life is not divine.....the Lord Jesus Christ is divine.

    Life comes from Him alone.....along with creation (John 1:1-14)

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    Science has no proof of that.God created everything,we are not divine.

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    You've answered your own question, if you already knew then why did you even bother to post the question?

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    your wrong

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