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Is the reason for Cheaneys unanounced visit to Iraq to protect his investments and not for the troops?

Is this just one of his political stunts, why don't he talk to the leaders of other countries in the area to promote peace instead of starting more problems in the area.


If he wants to show support for the troops, he should put the Uniform on grab a rifle and be on point on a foot patrol in bagdad, then he could shoot the so called terrorists instead of a lawyer.

Update 2:

Show some leadership from out from behind a closed door.

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    personaly i find it sick and upsetting that chaney moved his company to the middle east to save on taxes it should be illegal but no one talks about it much so i guess it's widley accecpted and the reason he didn't announce his trip is most likley because they tried to bomb him last time and he's tring to avoid it this time , i will not say what i'm thinking at this time because i do not want secret service knocking on my door he is a disgrace to this country and a greedy pig at that if he was so concerned for the troops funding why doesn't he take some of his profits from halliburton and give them to the troops that's what there fighting for anyway not to protect us from terrorists but to protect his profits and the bush family profits as well

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    do you really want him on the front line with a gun? we have lost enough of our troupes, we don't need him out there shooting them also.

    really though i get what you are saying and i do agree he and bush and there families should be out ther on the front lines right alone with our families then may be they would realize how those of use who have or will have family members there feel. the fear that we go through every day, the wondering if today will get the call to tell me that i have lost someone that i love, the thought of being afraid of the phone,or the solider at the door with the i am sorry mam or sir but........... they do not know how that feels because there kids are safe at home having a good old time and going to parties, watching there friend getting married or getting married themselves when the common men and women are in Iraq protecting them

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    I don't even believe that Richard Cheney is in Iraq, it's just more spin propaganda with the help of FOX studios and Rupert Murdock. I'm sure nobody there wants to listen to anything Halliburton (KBR) has to say over Iraq and the Iraqi people.

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    Actually I don’t think it was for either, it was to discuss the political situation with the parties having issues over there.

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    What investments are you talking about?

    Be specific, and provide sources. Don't just make baseless charges.

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    You're sick

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