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teens smoke get over it?

i try my hardest not to let my kids smoke they are ages 16 and 17 but i drive by the high school and i see alot of kids all smoking waiting for the buss or just hanging out waiting for school to start. then once they turn 18 they siad they will still smoke so i give up

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    wow! sounds like your kids have the upper hand here.

    Are they aware of the addictive properties of nicotine and the disadvantages of smoking?

    well, I'm sure they are.... but let them know that you disapprove of that behaviour and as long as they live under your roof..... they cannot pick up such an unsanitary habit.

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    It's true. They say if you haven't picked up smoking by the age 19 then you have good chances that you will never smoke. My sisters started smoking at 15 and 16 and they still smoke nearly 10 years later. I'm the oldest sister and I never smoked and now at 26, I have yet to pick up a cigarette. It's hard to stop kids from smoking when the media plays it like it's cool for you to smoke. Looks like we have to catch these kids early and teach them the consequences of smoking.

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    Never give up. Take them to see people dying of lung cancer, have a doctor speak to them about what it can and will do to their bodies, show them what it can do to their skin and hair... You should never give up on an issue like this. True, they will do as they please, but you should educate them as best as possible. I have lost my father, stepfather, grandmother and former father in law to lung cancer. My mother continues to smoke and at 53 had chronic bronchitis, asthma, decreased lung capacity, yellow teeth and probably the beginning stages of emphysema. Their health is far too important to just give up on. Stay strong.

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    Fair enough teens do smoke but you dont have to encourage them. Make them pay for smokes with their own money and dont purchase the smokes for them.

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