Should i wait? Please Help, i'm very confused?

Truth is.

I'm starting to love my boyfriend

I'm writing poetry for him {afraid to show him thou}

I really want to tell him i love him.

But what if he doesn't have those feelings for me?

I told him i have something for him. {the poems}

Now he says he has a "note" for me.

I don't know what this note is. but, i told him

I was afraid to give him my gift

Should i tell him i love him? Or should i wait?

He's really shy like me, It took him 20 mins of silence on the phone for him to ask me out

He writes me little bulletins on myspace

I love Lauren forever x100

And has I <3 Lauren on his myspace, and me all over his site

But i just dont think he will ever be able to say it to me.

What should i do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Aww..he sounds very sweet and by the sound of he his mad about you. Stop worrying over little things like given him your poems. Hes not afraid to let you know how he feels about you since he writes to you on my space saying that he loves you. This guy is really smitten with him that you feel the same way about him. Give him your poems and he'll give you his ''note'' then everyone will be happy. If he laughs at you about the poem then is isnt the person you thoght he was.

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