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disadvantage of technology?

hi everyone! i need the answer very soon. im having a debate on this topic tomorrow

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    it replaced the human factor by machinery factor: which is stupid, & can't generate or create new ideas or even face any emergency or new situation it hasn't been programmed to face it beforehand.

    so it may b a cause of poverty to youth

    also internet gives no time for social relationship in home....

    i hope i got best answer

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    People tend to become lazy!!

    All those things which were done manually.......done with a touch of a finger. This as a consequence, will cause weight gain and more risk for cardiac diseases!

    This same laziness will cause the mind to become idle and dependent.....for instance, the use of navigation system in a car or speed dile in your cell phone. Lets face it, does anyone really memorize phone numbers anymore?

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    people become wayyyy too reliant on it. What happens when a kid needs to do a report an can't get on the internet? I bet most kids don't even realize that they can find information in books anymore, since the internet is touted as the one-stop-shop for everything one needs as far as reference material is concerned.

    Not to mention, places like can be grossly inaccurate and mis-teach people information that could prove crucial to their understanding of particular things.

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    the major one that I can think of off hand is how much we all rely and depend upon it so much, it's great as long as it works but going back to living without all of these luxuries is always a possibility

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