1988 Ford F-150 4X4 & 1992 Chevy K5 Blazer 4X4?

I have a 1988 F-150 and a 1992 Full size Blazer, My wife says I gotta get rid of one of them.I love the blazer, its fun to ride and has a 5.7liter engine in it(which is a gas freakin sponge).I also have the F-150 which isawesome in the snow,I think better than the blazer and I can hull my dirt bikes in without owning a huge trailer. The ford has a little cancer on the bed wheel well, and is worth little, but if i were to keep it I would put money into it (bed liner, lift kit, wheels and tires etc.). other wise perfect original interior and runlike a champ. My Blazer like I said is lots of fun. I dont know how to stop it from bieng a shopvac for fuel. Its automatic trans unlike the ford and its worth more than the ford (www.KBB.com) and I know if I lift that for some offroading. with the added wheels and tires , I'll be lucky if i get 11mpg. I have keep one of them. And I will be lifting and getting wheels and tires for one of them too. I just can't Decide Which. HELP

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    tell the wife to get rid to of something she loves

    like 20 pair of shoes ect.if it's not a matter money

    you should keep both and take your wife shoe shopping

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    I say you offer a compromise with your wife. propose this: You keep the Ford (because it seems that you get better gas mileage with it) and use that vehicle. However, don't get rid of the Blazer, you can take it off insurance and not tag it so long as it is stored indoors and not parked outside. And turn it into your "project" vehicle.

    If you really wanna improve fuel economy on the Blazer, go for the works, do a rebuild, have your trans. checked, keep the grease points lubed, MAKE SURE your tires are properly inflated. If you want a nice little experiment, get a bicycle, make the tires almost completely flat, or just low, and then ride it to a gas station with an air hose. Fill the tires back up and ride it home, you'll see the difference, and imagine that on the scale of your truck having to do it. Another thing, if you don't do alot of hauling or off roading, you may be able to get away with changing the gear ratio and helping fuel economy.

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