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Depression and rejection??

One of my really good friends has a chronic case of depression, which means he's ALWAYS depressed. He's not emo or anything, but he threatens to cut himself all the time and refuses to talk to a counselour or a doctor about it. His girlfriend just recently broke up with him because she said he was to needy and she didn't want to be around him, and now he's even MORE depressed. What should I do??

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    as a sufferer of depression myself, i would tell you to stick by him because he is going to need you. Depression is a real illness and needs to be handled carefully, as the slightest thing can tip his emotions overboard. be there for him and make sure you listen to him and also suggest going out and doing something fun that he'd like to do, so hang in there

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    i guess you could help him by making him laugh i'm sure that no one could be that depressed all the time talk to him be there for him make him feel happy by making him smile and laugh all the time he'll forget the sadness issue he has... good luck...

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    well for the first dont let him eat deppression pills they are proved to cause suicide thoughts.

    and for the second dont let him use or have mobile phone near him (they cause deppression)

    and then just be there for him

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    just let him know that you are there. do things that he like that may brighten his day. tell him how special he is 2 you. (even if yall are just friends)

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    Try and help him get threw it all stand by him!!

    Good luck

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    you can be there to listen if he needs, but he chooses not to do Anything but whine about his issues... thats all you can do is listen

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    Arrange his funeral in advance.

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