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What's hash browns?


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    Hash browns or hashed browns are a simple potato preparation in which potato pieces are pan-fried after being diced, riced, shredded, or julienned. Although in some cultural contexts, hash browns or hashed browns may refer to any of these cuts of potato, people in some cultural contexts may reserve the term to describe a more specific preparation.

    In some parts of the United States, hash browns may refer strictly to riced, pan-fried potatoes, and may be considered a breakfast food, while potatoes diced and pan-fried are a side dish called home fries or country fried potatoes (though many variations of home fries are par-cooked before frying). In some countries diced or chopped onion can be added to improve taste and texture.



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    Hash browns are shredded potato's that are in a patty and fried.

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    hash browns are fried shredded potatoes availabel in fastfood resturarants. although they come in different shapes and varieties

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    They are potatoes.

    These potatoes are chopped into smaller pieces, size doesnt matter, for the purpose of cooking them faster on a griddle, pan or wok .

    People use butter, fat, bacon lard, olive oil, corn, vegetable etc type of cooking oil to grease the pan first.

    They are served at breakfast generally

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    Can come in a few different forms, patties, shreds, tots/rounds, cubes to name a few. But basically it is fried potatoes either by skillet or deep fryer. Yummmy!!!!!!!!

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    fried shredded potatoes

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