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can anyone help?

Ihave just come back from malta and ever since the filght i have felt tierd and a little light headed is that normal?


can you have jet lagg on a hour flight and is it normal to have the next day?

Update 2:

sorry 3 and half hour flight?

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    Hey, maby you have a fever or something, but chill.... I got those all the time, well----- how long did it last???? Maby you should have an cool ice bag over your head, and maby check with your mom, if you have a fever... and if you do.... go get some medicine. BUT if you don't have a fever, just relax, hit the mall, movies, go places you like to take it off your mind!

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    It is absolutely normal; drink lot's of water.

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    yes. it's jet lag. sleep it off.

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