What are some good reasons for changing careers and entering teaching?

I am considering enrolling in a teaching preparation and certification program.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Every person would have their own reasons. Ask yourself is this for me? Obviously it's something you're considering. If you know anyone that is a teacher, see if you can spend some time in the room.I'd assume that you wanted to teach children.

    Teaching a child something new and watching them grow academically, socially,emotionally over the year is amazing. I believe that in helping children you are helping the future, because they are the future. The children look up to you, trust you, and they ultimately know you are there to help. When you are teaching a whole group of children something, and their "lightbulbs" go off when they learn something it is truly amazing. In classess I've worked with and gone back to visit; to see their excitement to see you is something hard to explain, but it's the best feeling!

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    I made the step 2 years ago to change careers to the education field.

    I was uninspired in my job at the time, things were going into a routine, and I needed a change. I had always loved teaching, was teaching as a volunteer on Sundays in a temple. But I couldn't afford to quit working and enroll in a teacher certification program fulltime. Decided then to continue my career in IT as a freelancer, to have more free time to pursue a Master degree in Instructional Design & Technology parttime. Now almost finishing and trying to get work in a teaching job. It's not an easy step, but I feel it's more fulfilling personally and I simply love to be an educator.

    good luck with making up your mind and I think it's always important to follow your heart whatever you do, and find a practical way for you to get where you want to be ...

  • 1 decade ago

    well if you feel that your current career is not what you expected some reasons for teaching would be pension, great benefits, and helping children who are in desperate need for an education

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