Do all of the world's computers operate in the Arabic Language?

Because 1234567890 are Arabic numbers and all.


Acid_zebra: So you're saying I got pWn3D?

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    a) you are talking about numerals

    b) See and laugh at yourself a little. Here, an excerpt:

    The numerals arose in India between 400 BCE and 400 CE. They were transmitted first to West Asia, where they find mention in the 9th century, and eventually to Europe in the 10th century. Since knowledge of the numerals reached Europe through the work of Arab mathematicians and astronomers, the numerals came to be called "Arabic numerals." In Arabic language itself, the Eastern Arabic numerals are called "Indian numerals," أرقام هندية, (arqam hindiyyah) and a different set of symbols are used as numerals.

    Source(s): by the Indians, certainly :P
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    It IS handy to difference the elemental OS language, however BE CAREFUL! Chances are, if the process comes with a French OS, it might also include a French keyboard design and different application that's French simplest. If the unit has a DVD force, vicinity codes also are a trouble. Chances are, the cost expertise may not be valued at the dilemma.

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    just the 1s and 0s

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    you are absolutely correct

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