SEC football?

Who will dominate this year? The SEC is always awesome, better than any other conference. Look what Florida did to Ohio St. I was a Florida gator fan for 4 quarters.**************I am an AUBURN TIGER FAN!***********

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    well SEC 2007?

    Auburn has talent.. possibly the most in the conference.. but road games vs UGa, UA, LSU and Arkansas spell trouble.. although Auburn has played well on the road.. just not at LSU

    LSU lost alot to the draft.. new QB and new Offensive Coordinator might cause some growing pains..

    Arkansas.. well IF Nutt makes it to the reg. season.. he probably won't survive the year without a great run.. I don't see it

    Alabama is 2 maybe even 3 years away even with the Sabanator (tired of hearing about him)

    and then the Mississppi teams.. lol

    Florida lost too much in the East

    Georgia will be improved and contend..

    Same with Tennessee

    Vandy keeps on playing well and will suprise some teams

    Kentucky is still Mississippi just sorta to the north East

    which leaves.. Steve Spurriers Gamecocks.. they'll contend and if the ball bounces right.. they'll win the east

    So.. surmise..

    Auburn goes 11-1 to win the West just ahead of a 10-2 LSU team and a lurking 9-3 Alabama team..

    in the East

    South Carolina at 9-3 wins a tie breaker over UGa and UT and Florida drops to 8-4 in defense of their title..

    AU wins SEC in a classic championship game

    34-31 in OT

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    They need to just make the SEC winner the National Champs by default *laugh*

    Joking aside, as much as my Gators lost, they still are very very strong. A lot of the SEC lost talent, so it's kind of even to a degree.

    I see the Gators having a tough time at LSU. That may be a loss. HOWEVER, I do see LSU and Florida in the SEC Championship game with Florida winning and going to the Sugar. (regular one, not the NC). As much as I'd like Florida to repeat, I'm a realist and that's just way too tough when you've lost so much and when College Football is so competitive.

    I can dream, though ;-)

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    From a Gator fan to a Tiger I must be honest, the other Tigers (LSU) are looking good right now but our teams are no slouches!! With that said, it looks to be another deep year for the SEC. They had about 5 teams in the top 6 or 7 in recruiting and most of those teams have talent returning so its going to be just another dominant season overall for the SEC.

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    Hope that my Vols rule the east but the Gators will be tough again. Saban will turn around those Crimson guys but it wil probably not be this year. I would love to see our teams meet in the SEC Championship game again this year but it will be a long shot to happen. Auburn is my #2 team so I wasn't too upset when we were beat twice by the Tigers a few years ago.

    Good luck in your studies at AU. WAR EAGLE!!!

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    i too like auburn but in the west, we have to contend with lsu and arkansas. mcfadden is back for them and a heisman candidate. in the east i like the vols, gators, and cocks to contend. the sec is the best football conf in america and i have kept up with it for 25 years. bama might be decent with saban this year but i hope not.

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    BOO AUBURN! Why can't we go back to 2003? Uhgh... I miss Ole Miss football... :( at least we have baseball

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