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Hi, may sound like the typically "jealous" thing at first, but hear me out first

So I'm in my car behind my g/f who is in her car..she turns and theres a group of ppl walking, and i saw her turn her head, give a BIG smile and waved. I thought it was for me, seeing i didn't notice anyone in the group she knows (so i thought)

so later i ask "oh did u wave bye to me?" she said "no it was to this guy". i said "ok.a guy.whose name?" she said "oh hes name is Frank he's in my math class". i say "do you talk to him?". she said "no..he just sits behind me..i just waved because he waved to me...i was just being friendly"

so then i so i say "but u ALSO smiled with a big cheese and waved to u do that to people who u only know their names but don't even talk to? i've never seen you smile so big to even ur friends"

"stop!!" she told me.. so i did.

anyway.that just suprise me b/c i KNOW IN A GUYS MIND hes thinking "wow she waved AND smiled and i dont talk to her!"

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    trust me I understand how you feel. I'm a girl but I know what your saying. and no she was not flirting. she was just being nice to him. hey dont get jealous or anything you better thank God for giving youa ncie and king girlfriend. who knows you could have had a big b**** who doesnt smile or wave to anyone.

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    Probably a little flirting, but I doubt she intended anything by it. You may find that letting those little things go without worrying about them will make your life a lot more relaxing. I would appreciate the fact that she is a friendly girl and gets along with other people. That's way better than the alternative... ;)

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    Your going overboard here. Really. It was the friendly thing to do, If you dont like a woman who would do that kind of thing hit up a prison house or something, cause seriously, thats not a big deal at all.

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