Is if bad for you to drink six beers a day?

I drink at least six beers a day after work to relax, and of course more on the weekends. Is that bad for my body in the long run?


O.K., can I get an answer from like a doctor or something, i.e. someone who really knows what they're talking about.

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    I'm a nurse; do I qualify? Beer is broken down in the liver, as is everything else. Most meds, food, most everything. The other organs are your kidneys.

    When you drink beer (wine and the hard stuff) excessively, you're making your liver work harder. Over years, this results in damage (often permanent) and scarring of the liver.

    When this happens, the byproducts of beer, food, medication builds up in your bloodstream, resulting at first in minor symptoms like itching.

    Then some pretty major symptoms can develop, including mental confusion which deepens, digestive and nutritional prob ems, neurological symptoms, hepatitis and eventually coma.

    Yes, we all have to go of something, but this isn't one of the more pleasant ways.

    Try decreasing your intake and if that's not successful, see a counselor to help you. There's usually a good reason for this much intake. Take care of you.

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    There was an AMVET behind me on the city bus yesterday who looks and sounds like he has had six beers each day

    to relax and of course more on days he isn't working. You'll

    live the same 35 going 40 year stretch he had, I guess. Do

    you know what year it is? You buy your own beer? If you said "yes" to both today it is because the alcohol had not killed enough brain cells yet. You go 35-40 years and cheap

    drunks get you life changes. Go chill with an old rummy

    or wino, one not stinking too badly, and get the low down on

    your future life. Chat them up (standing upwind). Buy them

    beer. Maybe someday somebody smarter will do you too.

    Right now you are still smarter than them so go get a laugh.

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    I am 71 and good health. 10# heavier than I was when 18. Have had some accidents that caused scar tissue. I drank about 8-12 beers a day since about 18-21. I am english, scoth, irish I have worked hard all my life and still have to work, because there are things I want that SS won't pay for. I naver smoked, but my wife and friends did. My wife had cancer and cannot drink beer anymore because of the meds. I like booze, but it makes me crazy. Il oke wine better than beer but it makes me stupid. I quit several times without any problems except gettting lazy. I don't have withdrawal or hangovers. Now you decide. It depends on yourt race. there is no answer but race... ps ther are sure a lot of opinionated stupid health nuts here. everybody above me is nuts!

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    Is it bad? Yes, for any of a number of reasons:

    (1) It contains empty calories that could very well lead to obesity

    (2) It could do serious harm to your liver over the long term, as well as causing things like esophageal varicies, kidney problems and brain degeneration.

    The liver is where alcohol is processed by the body, and over time excessive alcohol consumption will lead to cirrhosis, i.e., where the liver is destroyed as its cells are replaced by nonfunctional tissue. Esophageal varicies are dilated blood vessels that come from chronic alcohol exposure because of the way the portal circulation in your liver works; damage to the liver will eventually cause the blood that cannot reach your liver to back up into the esophageal vessels, which dilate and can eventually burst, leading to fatal hemorrhage. There is a type of brain degeneration known as Korsakoff's syndrome that results from a chronic thiamine deficiency commonly seen in chronic alcohol abusers.

    In short: yes, this habit is bad for your body. I am not a doctor, but have experience with the adverse effects of alcohol through other people I've known as well as a degree in medical records.

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  • Of course it is bad !Bad in the sense that all will go to your liver and gradually your liver gets some fatty infiltration and again it will cause a harm to normal function of the liver !Why one should take six per day and for a long time ?Second thing is a good habit ?Of course not !Socially mentally and physically plus economically it is harm full always ! Of course all depends on your heridity also !So take care and yet rid of this ! Always YoursmE

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    Not if you are doing Buds for NASCAR and you are under 30.

    However, yellow flag to you if this has gone on for 6 months to a year and you are over 35 and a friend has given you the addy of a local AA chapter. This is not a regimen for a healthy liver and further down the line, it could involve your pancreas as in diabetes or cancer, but who wants to live forever, hey, unless you would like to make it to 50. I made it that far which is about the time you give up and accept alcoholism as a permanent condition if you don't go to AA.

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    i have no direct evidence however several people have told me that 4 and 5 beers are bad in the long should find a different way to relax..maybe you will find it better than drinking

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    could be bad for your liver and since beer is liquid bread you could get a little fat, but it sure is good isn't it. i try not to drink that much after work just one or two. but beer is better the hard liquor because of the sugar and stuff.

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    It all depend on your goals for your life. If you want to die a young but painful death keep it up. If you would like to live a longer life you may consider changing your lifestyle. Water may be a good option for you to consider. You also could try other meaningful activities to distract you from you apparent addiction.

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    well it does stress out your bodies function and could add some extra pounds, may even lead to you becoming an alcoholic. But id say if you do it all the time your good haha.

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