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what are some important events that occured in france during the month of may?

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    May 8, 1945: General de Gaulle leads the Resistance from London and Algiers. Second World War.

    May 1968: Social Crisis.

    May 7, 1995: Jacques Chirac elected President of the French Republic. Appointed Prime Minister is Alain Juppé.

    May 1997: Lionel Jospin is appointed Prime Minister.

    May 5, 2002: Jacques Chirac re-elected President of the French Republic. He appoints Jean-Pierre Raffarin as Prime Minister. End of the third cohabitation.

    May 6, 2007: Nicolas Sarkozy is elected the new President of the French Republic by winning the second round competing against Socialist Party contender Ségolène Royal. Sarkozy wins by 53% of the vote.

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    the international film festival in Cannes

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    Mothers's day... very important!

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