Should parents who let their children become obese be known with child endangerment??

Just look at my side of the argument first, but I want to hear your opinions!!!!

OK, well, these parents are depriving their children of being accepted socially. yes, it is harsh but it is true. people only truly pick on you when you are very large. also,(especially girls) can be forced to go through puberty earlier, sometimes related to this(i have heard of many instances). also, these parents are digging their childrens' graves for them.handing them that huge, greasy burger with a side of fries and a large soda along with a cupcake afterwards is honestly like handing them a cigarette every day. they become addicted and get way too many health risks. so, ya, love to here your opinions!!!!!!!!!

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    Some of them, yes, I agree! I just think there is no excuse in the world to let your children become obese. I read this article about obese children that blew my mind - this mother of an obese girl was saying how she was trying to help her daughter lose weight by changing her drink from Coke to Diet Coke, etc.... Give me a break!!! Children have no business drinking soda at a young age, everyone knows fast food is high in fat, and people do not encourage their kids to be physically active. These parents are lazy in my opinion. Too lazy to cook healthy meals, too lazy to go outside and play with your kids...... And the kids pay the price with the social issues (I agree!) and of course the health risks!!! The number of kids with diabetes due to obesity has sky rocketed!! ANd it irritates me when parents blame feeding their kids crap on the fact that its cheaper than buying fresh fruits and vegetables..... come on, I'm sorry, cut back on something else so you can feed your kids healthy. If nothing else, you'll save money on future medical bills!

    Ok, thats my vent!! :)

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    I think this is something that needs to be handled very carefully for the childrens sake.....mentally AND physically. You need to see what these kids are eating and not eating before judging them as slopping down greasy burgers fries and soda. Alot of obese kids are that way because their parents, in their effort to keep from having the "fat kid" starve their children and deprive them the food they need and send them into a state of starvation where their bodies store every nibblet of food thinking it might be their last. The kids, who are hungry are also left with a pocket full of change and vending machines full of candy and chips and soda in their schools! It's a recipe for disaster!

    I think that if a child is showing signs of obesity then the first thing that should happen is that the parents and the kids should be referred to a dietitian who can sit the parents down and say this is what Jr should be eating no more no less and make the parents keep a diary of what they feed the kid. IF they find the parents are actually thinking pizza and soda or McDonalds or sausages and chips is acceptable food for a child on a regular daily basis then the parent might need to be refered to child welfare services I think because it's endangering the child. I saw on tv there was this kid who was 9 years old and weighed more than me(and I'm fat dammit) and his mom was feeding his vienna sausages and bacon and hamburgers and chips and stuff because "that's what he likes" that woman should be shot in the head for what she's doing. just my humble opinion.

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    Should parents living in poverty by automatically charged with child endangerment? Or families living in war-torn areas because they bring a child into a dangers place?

    We have a lack of parenting and self-care skills in this country. As families in our country have become geographically scattered and generation length has increased, young parents are less likely to have their own parents to support them and to learn from.

    Charging parents with child endangerment is a drastic step that can't be defended. However, someone needs to help Americans learn how to care for themselves and their children.

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    i agree that they should be charged with something. it is absolutely not healthy for ANYONE to be obese! its a horrible problem in the US especially, and something needs to be done about it.

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