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Resident Evil Characters?, Has Ada and Claire met before?

What about Ada and Jill or Leon and Jill? Has all these main characters met before?

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    Given a realistic take on this. Ada is a government trained soldier and obviously great at observation and tracking. Ada is bound to of at least seen Claire in the second one as she was going through the police station but kept out of her way. Maybe was due to lack of potential since Claire was a civilian. Leon was a police -- rookie yes -- but still police so Ada could have seen the potential there. Resident Evil 3 took place before Resident Evil 2 so it is possible that Ada might of seen Jill going around town as she was making her way to the police station. Possibly. Leon and Jill have no way of interacting with each other at all given the storyline and time of going through city and station. No doubt their paths have crossed just sooner or later and no real meeting. Ada would be the one to of seen them all with her training. For any kind of real meeting none. The only one would be Jill and Claire since Claire is the sister of Chris Redfield.

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    well Ada and Leon have in RE4 but otherwise Leon was RE2 and Jill was RE3:Nemesis so no

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    no unless shes with unbrella now

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