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Does swimming make you taller?

Last summer i went camping with a friend for a week, and me and him swam a LOT on a lake and by the time i got back i was about an inch taller, so i was wondering if swimming really does make you grow taller, does it?

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  • pete m
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    Hi, no id doesn't, but its the best exercises your lungs could get

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    People grow...thats how life works. Im sure if you have been eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of excersize thats been helping. I grew an inch in 2 months when I was 19 years old and I was another inch taller by the time I was 22. But unless you found some miricle water to go swimming in then the swimming by itself did not make you grow!

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    It actually can - temporary anyway.

    Did you realize, you are about an inch taller when you wake up compared to the height you were when you went to bed? This is because during the day, your spine and all of the joints compress due to the gravity of the earth. Fraction of an inch at each joint can add up to an inch for your entire height.

    Swimming, because of the buoyancy of the water and the fact you are horizontal, AND you are stretching your muscles can have a similar effect. I am not sure about an inch, but I won't be surprised if you grew a little.

    Neither of these growth are permanent. In few hours, you will shrink to the original height.

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  • bleser
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    5 years ago

    Yeah what the poster above mentioned about genes and all is right, most effective when you're little. My buddy was born with a growth quandary, and doctors advised him that he should swim right away in an effort to trigger the genes in charge for development. It did work for him, he grew about 2-three inches greater than what he would have with out swimming.

  • Anonymous
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    Swimming is a great sport because it exercises MOST of our bodies muscles and ligamens; particularly the legs, arms and lower back muscles.

    Though extended periods of swimming may cause the skin to absorb too much moisture (hence become "over-saturated" with water) swimming does NOT induce vertical (uprighted) growth in height in humans.

    Your growth may be partially attributed IF you are currently in (or are entering) puberty. Keep in mind that puberty begins at different time periods for each individuals.

  • zeitz
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    4 years ago

    Your good is predicated on your genetic makeup and your nutrition as you improve and mature. maximum human beings get greater desirable than sufficient supplements and minerals for finished growth. rather, maximum human beings get to plenty and are fat. in the journey that your mom and dad are speedy then you definately're going to somewhat often be speedy. It has in no way something to do with unbelievable from a bar or swimming. rather, no corporation will make you taller.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you are still growing nothing makes you taller, you are just still growing. However, In my opinion, Swimming is a very good exercise to make you very lean. But it tends to make your neck large because of the shoulders bulking up, so it may even make you look smaller, in a sense.

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    I think humans grow in spurts and it is common to grow an inch or more during a growth spurt. Genetics pretty much determines how tall you will eventually be. Healthy activities will support normal growth but not cause it. Keep active and enjoy good health!

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    No he probably just grew an inch while he went camping. Swimming doesn't make you taller. If so I would be tall as hell.

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    Don't listen to all of those other answers, they just want you to be short. of course it does! So does riding your bicycle, and hanging upside down.

    Or maybe it's not the actually swimming that made you grow, maybe it was "special" lake water?

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