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Dental insurance for seniors?

My monther inlaw lives in Fremont Calif. She is on medicaid but has no dental insurace. She has recoverd from colon cancer. She is taking care of a 38 year old disabeled son. SHe has no dental insurance and her front teeth feel out but. Where can she go to get help? Can she get dental insurance.

My 10 year old son is going to visit her this summer I want her to have teeth before he come to vist. We can help some with the payments.Also will a dentist take payments?

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    Beware of internet, home-based discount dental plans. There are not many dentists willing to take them, and if they do, you will find they up-charge other procedures to cover their losses.

    The AARP offers a group plan for members. I don't think the dues are terribly high and there are other benefits to belonging.

    Other than that, a self-insurance plan may work best - set aside a certain amount per month for care. Some dentists offer senior discounts, or sliding-scale payments.

    Dentists are not banks, and to accept payments over a long period of time is not a good financial decision. More and more dentists I know are declining to accept payment plans, unless they are underwritten by a finance company.

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    I really resent the accusations about ameriplan plans not working for people. I have the plan and it works great. I know several other people that also have the plan. I don't understand where it's coming from but if you will take a look at is one of the biggest competetors of insurance and other dental plans to date.

    We have 170,000 providers nationwide. I have had not one problem with them, I also live in an area where we have quite a few elderly and they are very pleased.

    Feel free to contact me personally and I will be glad to give you as much information as you need. Right now she can sign herself and son up for just $20 and be covered tonite!



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    what is best dental insurance or plan for a senior in Payson, AZ?

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    what is best dental ins in northeast wisconsin

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