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Advice please regarding South Africa?

Can anybody advise please? I am going to visit friends in Durban, it seems lots cheaper to fly to Joburg or Cape Town. Is it best/cheaper to book connecting flights from the Uk prior to arriving? Is it nice journey from the airport to Durban on a bus trip? Is car hire expensive/safe for a lone female to complete? How much would a taxi be? Many thanks for any answers, from an eager but new traveller ;0)

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    defiantly book your connecting flights in the UK before you travel , ebookers will do you a good deal , but make sure you shop around. IN NO WAY should you use the bus or hire a car and most of all DO NOT USE A TAXI( some people here have said this is bollo*x , well i would air on the safety side , as a new traveller you will stick out like a sore thumb , and YOU WILL BE an easy target), . when you land at joberg you will find alot of shady characters touting for business , try and make some friends on the flight that are connecting to Durban the same as you and walk to domestic departures in a group.....once in Durban you'll be with locals so you should be OK , but don't get complacent , get them to take you to the main places like, ushaka marine world , sun-coast casino , the marina, gateway and pavilion , theres loads of great places to eat safe and pack plenty of sun cream and have an amazing time

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    Trips to Ctn and Joburg are always cheaper. I wouldn't suggest a bus trip from the airport to Durban. After your long flight the last thing you want ahead of you is a bus trip from Jo'burg, so just book a connecting flight in UK. It only takes an hour by air, and it would be better to get to Durban to start your holiday. Overall it takes about 12 hours from Heathrow to Jhb to Dbn. Nothing wrong with hiring a car but there are definite do's and don'ts (ask your friends) and always always be aware of what is happening around you. Durban is a great place and you will love it. Taxi's are a no-no. There is crime, but practice common sense things to keep safe. Good luck and have a lovely holiday x

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    Some of the advice you have got here is ridiculous. "A woman should not travel alone by car" -- this is complete bollocks. (Excuse my langauge, but it really gets my goat reading some of this drivel.)

    Yes, SA has a violent crime problem. But women drive alone here every day. I drive alone day and night and have not had one scary incident. Yes, our crime is higher than the UK but life goes on.

    Flying in to Durban is definitely your best bet. I suggest you check internal flight prices on and as well as checking with the agent doing your international flight to get the best deal.

    I think you're asking, "should I take a bus from Durban Airport to my friends' house and what is the bus trip like?" People have answered as though you want to take a bus from Jhb or Cape Town. About the bus trip from Dbn airport to town - it's not a particularly long journey (30 mins max). I would take an Airport shuttle bus not a regular public transport bus - it's likely to be safer and more direct. Ask at airport info when you arrive if you go for this option.

    If you were thinking of driving or bussing from Jhb or Cape Town, don't. It's just too far. And on your own, you're not looking at the scenery much you're watching the road and navigating.

    If you want to be independent once you get to Durbs by all means hire a car at the airport and enjoy the city (taking regular city crime precautions like locking your doors, not speaking to strangers who approach etc.)

    Enjoy South Africa it's a great place for a holiday.

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    if you book connecting flights before you go, you won't need to worry about doing it there and having enough money. I used to book flights from CPT to JBG, cost around 500R (£50) each way.

    Translux and Greyhound are good bus services, a little like the National Express, and run all over the country.

    I wouldn't advise driving alone, especially in the Jo'berg area. (and it's a VERY long way from cape town to drive to Durban!) it probably would be safe, but i was advised against it, and it's nicer to be able to look at the scenery and not watch out for signs!

    Taxis are generally not too expensive, but for a long journey it will cost quite a bit.

    good luck, hope you have a great time! x

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    Book flights here, you can get very cheap flights from Kulula, 1time or mango. (Flights average 60 pounds)

    The Bus trip from Johannesburg to Durban in boring, goes along a highway so you do not see much and should be avoided. (If money is a problem rather take a train at night - Train 10 pounds).

    Car hire can be done for approx 20 pounds per day (200km), have a look at Avis website. Its safe, AS LONG as you know where you go and do not end up in dangerous areas.

    The shuttle from airport to Durban beachfront is safe (Approx 3 pounds) or Taxi from airport 100% safe (15 pounds). Both options safe for anyone at any time.

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    I the best and saves way to get to Durban is to Fly in to Johannesburg and get a connection flight to Durban.

    It is a really long drive from Johannesburg to Durban and the road is also a bit tricky, especially if you get to the Van Reenins pass. To drive down is very beautiful. If you really want to drive down get someone to dive with you that knows the way, roads, and that has been there before. You can always ask your friend to dive up with you to Johannesburg

    The bus will also be OK but I don't think after a 12hour flight you will enjoy a 8+ hour bus drive.

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    You can get cheap flights on mango or kulula from Cape Town/Joburg to Durban. I don't recommend the bus's quite unreliable. I would recommend a private taxi service rather than our usual ones (very scary ride), but they can be rather extortianate. Car hire is fine, not too expensive and the cars are in good shape (depending on who you go to-I recommend Avis). Petrol is cheap here too :o)

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    fly. the best option is to get a conecting flight from Joburg to Durban.

    It is an 50 min fligt, takes approx. 8 hours per bus and per car any thing from 3 to 10 hours depending on whether you are afraid of speeding fines or not and how many times you stop on route (580km)

    There is some very good scenery on the way but it might be a better idea to ask your friends to take you on a daytrip to the midlands.

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    You did not say when you are flying as it will affect your prices. If you fly on SAA from London to Durban (connecting in Joburg) it costs you $693.10 pounds. But this price is subject to change as the dates i used were random.

    I used the same dates for BA and it was about $100 pounds more.

    Please do not travel in a car by yourself. This is not safe.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    For a female travelling alone I would not suggest travelling by taxi, bus or car. Its a long drive from either of the two airports, at least 7 hours from Johannesburg, and booking flights as early as possible would possibly be the best bet. Try going on-line and look at or its no frills airlines and you might get it a bit cheaper.

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