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中文轉英文.....希望大家可以幫下我.....緊急!thx a lot!




1) 雙面膠紙

2 ) 水

3 ) 吸塵紙






其實係因為食肆經過煮食後,排出大量油煙,令到空氣受到污染,因此用作測試既野都變得 dirty .



1 )雙面膠紙

2) 水









經過半個鐘,結果水裡有大量沙塵,雙面膠紙也痴滿塵,而我們就用吸塵紙抹一抹抹乾淨過的欄杆柱,結果吸塵紙上有很多塵積,十分 dirty。

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    Outside the restaurant, we placed three different testingobjects under the vent-hole. They were:

    1. Double-sided tape,

    2. Water,

    3. Static dust absorbing cloth.

    Half an hour later:

    The double-sided tape sticked with a little bit of dust, the water contained some oil residue and some dust while the cloth looked a bit dirty.

    What had been shown here?

    This was because a large amount of grease had been released while food was being cooked, air pollution was resulted.

    The river bank close by the Waterfront Park:

    We placed the same three testing objects near the river bank.

    Half an hour:

    Only a little bit of dust appeared in the water, while the other two objects were very clean.

    What was the explanation of the outcome?

    This were caused by the environmental differences. Not only low trafficbut also lots of trees in the area. The air pollution was minimized.

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    Chinese transfers English .....Hoped that everybody may help me .....Urgent! thx a lot!


    I am the food act to discharge under the greasy dirt to place the left 3 type of wild test air pollution the degree.

    Has used:

    1) the two-sided gummed paper 2) the water 3) vacuummed the paper half clock, on the two-sided gummed paper in the crazy left small amount already dust water had some greasy dirt to vacuum the paper with the dust to have small dirty

    The spot will solve me to serve as the test already wildly to turn 咁?

    Is actually because boils the food after the food process, discharges the massive lampblacks, causes the air to be polluted, therefore serves as the test wildly already becomes dirty.

    Have carried on the test we to the seashore park nearby riverside.

    First, has placed three type of examination things:

    after 1) the two-sided gummed paper 2) the water 3) vacuums the paper passes through half clock, discovers three types of things, only then the water has the small amount dust, other are very clean.

    The spot will solve me to serve as the test already wildly to turn 咁?

    Is because nearby this not too many vehicles, moreover plants the full trees, reduces the air the pollution, makes the air to be quite fresh.

    We also in approach the school nearby the road to lay aside these three type of examination tool.

    This we are different with other two time examination, we first a parapet column wipe the road nearby cleanly, after then treats half clock, carries on the examination.

    After half clock, in the water has the massive sand dust finally, two-sided gummed paper also crazy full dust, but we use to vacuum the paper to wipe the clean baluster column, finally vacuums on the paper to have very many dust products, very dirty.

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