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English (10分) 快!!

what should there be for a good learning environment??

1~activities (what? why?)

2~facilities (what? why?)

3~other (what? why?)



要寫(what? & why?)

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    To enable every one to enjoy a good learning environment, we may organise activities to clean the classroom and put green plants in it.

    To clean the classroom, we may arrange students to take turn to sweep the floor. In addition to giving students some good exercise, this will also make them undertand the importance to do things on our own, as maintaining a good learning environment is not solely the responsibility of the janitors.

    To put more green plants in the classroom, we may ask everyone to take potted plants to the classroom. The presence of green plants lights up the classroom. The need to take care of the plants will also enable students to learn to take up responsibilities.


    1. 輪值清潔課室地板活動. 原因: 清潔環境, 學習勞動, 學習負責任

    2. 帶盆栽回課室擺設活動. 原因: 植物使環境優美. 從料理植物中學習負責任


    A good learning environment must not go without a good library, because reading is an indespensible part of learning.

    It is also important to have a wide playground, with enough open space for students to exercise.


    1. 圖書館是最良好學習環境最重要設施, 因為閱讀是學習的重要部分.

    2. 廣闊的操場也是重要的設施, 因為有足夠的地方舒展筋骨也是重要的.

    Other things?

    Music is part of a good learning environment. It calms you down when you feel nervous but cheers you up when you are in distress. We may fill the campus with music by organising music groups and choirs.

    Information access is also part of a good learning environment. We learn about what is going on in society through internet and newspapers. They should be available at school.

    音樂: 音樂使學習環境更好. 音樂使人開朗. 我們可以舉辦音樂活動和成立合唱班, 讓學習環境充滿音樂

    資訊: 通過報章和互聯網, 我們認識世界事物. 所以良好的學習環境要提供取得資訊的工具.


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