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An organization’s workforce performs at a higher level when there’s a strong internal-promotion process. In contrast, when employees perceive that promotion policies are being ignored in favor of external hiring, their loyalty and personal motivation decrease. When little or no upward mobility is possible, employees feel disenfranchised. This places insurmountable hurdles before any company trying to achieve business results.

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    組織的勞工執行在一個更高的水準當有一個強的內部促進過程。相反, 當雇員察覺促進政策被忽略傾向於外在聘用, 他們的忠誠和個人刺激減退。當一點點或沒有向上流動性是可能的, 雇員感覺剝奪選舉權。這安置不可逾越的障礙在任一個公司前設法達到商業結果

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    當有一個強的內部促進過程,組織的勞工執行在一個更高的水準上。相反的, 當員工察覺促進政策被忽略而傾向於外在聘用, 他們的忠誠和個人刺激會減退。當一點點或沒有向上流動性是可能的, 雇員感覺剝奪選舉權。這安置不可逾越的障礙在任一個公司前設法達到商業結果。

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