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3.未來畢業後可能會先自修一年,之後再考大學! 希望有朝一日可以到國外唸書,讓自己的外語能力提升。

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    1.Every day many had to ride 20 minutes locomotives to go to school,

    gets the home quickly to die of exhaustion.

    2.My thinking sense school equipment is very good, may let me learn

    very many things, the school also can conduct some significant the

    activity to let the student participate.

    3.After future will graduate possibly can first study independently for

    a year, again will gain admission to the university afterwards! The

    hope some day may arrive overseas studies, lets own foreign language

    ability promotion.

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    1.Want to ride a motorcycle much for 20 minutes to go to school

    everyday, return to a house fast dead tired.

    2.I feel the equipment that feel a school is very good,can let me learn to

    a lot of things, the school will also hold some meaningful activities to

    let the student attend.

    3.May review the lessons first after graduating in the future for a year,

    take the entrance examination of university again after!Hope's hasing

    the dynasty the first can go to abroad to study, letting the own foreign

    language ability promote.

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