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小蕃茄 asked in 健康心理健康 · 1 decade ago

請幫我中翻英 +++20點

這篇是我要上台報告的手稿 可是英文程度很不佳 請大家幫我翻譯







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    I think most of you had the same experience is live in the dormitory.I also had a big promble even thought I rent a house with my friend instead of live in a dormitory.

    I don't known what is your situation to live with your roomate?I was heard of stealing from the other roomate and peer the secreat from other's computer;and some will mass up the room,to let the other's get mad;and some roomate will buy snack for everyone,this is a very good roomate。

    I think the most important thing is communation and respecting。Why is it very important?Because this room is not belongs to you but belong to you and your roomates,Knowing how to respect others will not to let other people do'nt like you;And why the comminuation is also very important?Because by communicate,you and your roomates can get a same result.

    I also had some promblem with my roomate,Because he made me angry;and I also let him unhappy,After argue for some days,We both will commite with our fault,and start to communicate,After that ,Things will be solved peaceful。

    Our relationship getting better and better,Every night,We were talking about our own arrierepensee,or some thing happened in class;Sometime he doesn't feel happy ,and I will stay with him;If I want to go shopping,and he will be glad to go with me!

    The relationship between you and your roomate is very important 。If it's not,It will make you hate to go back to your dormitory,Because you will see the person you don'e want to meet;If the relationship is good,Even you have some promblem in class,You may have someone to talk to,This is why I said relationship is very important.

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    Should have very many people in place everybody is lives in the

    dormitory? Although I live the dormitory, but because I am and the

    friend rent the house to live together, therefore I also have with you

    equally have the lodgings the big difficult problem!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Should having a lot of persons at everyone of is to live in the dormitory of?Although I not is stop for the night a shed, I am to rent house to live with friend together, so I also is similar to you have the great difficult problem of the accomodation!

    Don't I know how of everyone and rommate condition for getting along with is?My having ever heard a rommate who have the friend is the thing that will steal to use other rommates, will also peep the inside of the computer of other people of secret;Still having a kind of rommate chase the room a regiment of the lane confusion, letting the person whom other rommates get angry;Still having a kind of rommate finally post heart to buy midnight snack for everyone to eat very much, this is the very rare rommate.

    I think in the dormitory to live to want most notice of the thing is mutually to respect and communicate.Why respect other people thus importance?Because this room is not you a person, but you with your rommate own together of room, knowing a respect just will not let each other dislike each other;And why communicate also very important?Because the academic association communicates, calculate out of accordance with rommate's opinion can also use communication to solve.

    My rommate follows me to have ever had quarrel as well, because how she is how made me feeling very angry;Because I how how make him feeling not happy, after arguing for several days, we are two to all lower the head to admit mistake, and start a mutual communication, after communicating, the thing also solves successfully and peacefully.

    The affection between I and my rommate is better and better, each night, we all will have a chat worry, is the thing that took place on the department today perhaps;Sometimes he isn't happy, I accompany her;I want to go out to go shopping, he will also accompany me gladly to go together!

    It is very important with the rommate's affection.If the affection isn't good, will let you don't like to return!!

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