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另外有沒有 討價還價(殺價)用的、迷路(問路)用的句子,



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    其實不累的話, 網路上有很多實用的句子, 就看你要用到的地點和時機囉. 我先列幾個可能你會遇到的情形, 若不夠再告知!

    ~restaurant (餐廳)~

    Menu, please. (麻煩給我菜單)

    Give me a minute to look it over. (給我幾分鐘看一下)

    I'd like **** (我要 ****菜單上的食物)

    Thank you, that's all. (就這些, 謝謝)

    Check, please. (買單) 別忘了要給小費!


    I'm looking for *** ( 我在找 ****要的東西)

    Excuse me, where can I find *** (不好意思, 請問 *** 在哪)

    Which aisle? (哪個走道? aisle 拼法跟唸法差很多喔)

    ~shopping mall (購物)~

    Well, just looking, thanks! (只是看看而已)

    It's too small / big, do you have bigger / smaller ones? (這太小/ 大,

    有 大些/ 小些的嗎?)

    Do you have size 0 / 2 / 4 / ...或 1 / 3 / 5 .(看衣服的牌子, 有些是奇

    數, 有些是偶數) 0~ 2 , 1~3大概是XS~S 號 , 最好要試穿看看

    I'm size .... (我是....號)

    Can I try it on? (可以試穿嗎?)

    Where's the dressing / fitting room? (請問試衣間在哪?)

    I want to return it. (我要退貨)

    Well, I don't really like it. (我不太喜歡耶)

    It's too small / big. (太小 / 太大)

    I want to exchange it. (我要換貨)

    I want to refund it. (我要退錢)

    I'll take it. (我要拿這件)

    This one, please. (就這件)

    Do you take redit card / cash/ traveller check? (接受信用卡 / 現金 /

    旅行支票嗎? )

    ~hotel ( 旅館)~

    I want to make a reservation for tomorrow. (我想訂間明天的房間)

    Double / single , please. (雙人/ 單人房)

    I'm staying for 2 days. What's the price for it? (待兩天, 價格是多少)

    Are there any meals included? (有餐嗎?)

    Last name will be **** (姓 ****)

    Please give me a morning call at 6. (明早六點給我 morning call)

    When can I check in? (何時能check in?)

    When do I check out? (何時要 check out 退房)

    ~car rental (租車)~

    I want to rent a car, please. (我要租車)

    Compact, please. (小型車)

    This / that one please. (就這 / 那一台)

    3weeks, what's the rate? (我要租三個禮拜, 租金是多少?)

    Does that include insurance? (有含保險嗎?)

    Here's my license /international driver's license. (這是我的駕照/ 國際


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    How many countries have you been to? Describe the best trip you ever took. Where did you go? Who did you travel with? What did you do?

    Where did you spend your last vacation? What did you do? Describe the worst trip you ever took. Where did you go? What made it a bad trip?

    When you were a child, did your family take trips? Would you always go to the same place or different places? What three countries would you most like to visit? Why?

    When you are travelling, do you try to speak the local language? Do you prefer winter vacations or summer vacations? Why?

    Have you ever taken a package tour? If so, tell about this experience? Would you like to take a cruise? Why or why not?

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    Where will you go on your next vacation? What three countries would you least like to visit? Why?

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