how long after does the LASD keep your apllication after you did not pass the background process?

i applied for the LASD and failed my background check due to 2 misdemeanors, (disturbing the peace & concealed weapon). i want to conceal my record and apply again for the LAPD or Fire Dept. I served for years in the Marine Corps and 2 combat tours to Iraq, I was kind of hoping that would give me a better chance of becoming a duputy.

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    1 decade ago
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    what is the lasd? if i were you and i really wanted to get into law enforcement (not knowing the extent of your two violations) i would take my honorable discharge and go talk to the d.a. where the charges were filed. and then pray he will feel you deserve the chance to redeem yourself. be honest, and good luck.

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    I know most large departments keep records on file for dozens of years to keep that thing thing form happening. Even if you go to another agency one of the questions is "Have you ever applied with another agency and how far did you get in the application process?"

    If you lie on these PHQs and they are discovered, you are burned and will never work in the area. Be honest or don't bother. You may be forced to work a much smaller department.

    BTW, thanks for the service and good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Don't apply for the sheriff's dept. again. They probably keep the applications. Apply to fire or LAPD or any of the dozens of smaller municipal departments in the county.

  • 4 years ago

    the first answer is correct. a background check has nothing to do with your credit.

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