Can a motorcycle safety course taken in louisianna be used for a minor to get their class M license in texas?

i am 17 and live in east texas half way between shreveport and longview texas. The courses in longview are full untill summer and the courses in marshall are full till summer i need to get them before summer so that i can use it to go to and from college and work. any suggestions would be great.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would call DPS and ask.


    You can find the laws here:

    The important part reads:

    "To qualify for a waiver applicants must have a current Class A, B, or C driver’s license, and successfully complete a Department of Public Safety Approved Basic Motorcycle Operator Training Course."

    The key is "DPS Approved". Only they can tell you if they have approved the class from out of state.

    Of course, you can always take the rider skills test. Taking the course lets you waive that requirement. Taking the course is also a great idea.

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  • 4 years ago

    The safety course is always a good idea. Even the most experienced riders often come out learning something, or even refreshing themselves on something they haven't done in a while, plus with most insurance companies, it can add up to an extra 10% off the insurance if you pass the course. No one out there, even those with 20-30 years of riding, knows everything and has perfected everything. If you think you have, it's time to put the bike away, because that's when you are most dangerous to yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It shouldn't matter. It's the same course and same card as you will be given if you took it in Texas. I forget the Motorcycle laws here actually. I think I had to take a written test and show them the MSF card when I moved to TX

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