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McGrady and Aulston for J-Kidd and RJ?


Tracy McGrady

Rafer Alston

1st Round Pick

Tmac is verry overated and theres only one positive thing about that, he can be trade for someone better.

Rafer Alston is kind of overated. He is looked at as A reliable PG but he is shooting 37 percent!!!!

Houston's Benefit: A better team!! The best 3 way combination you can possibly have is a PG (one end), A SF (the middle man) and a Center(the other end).

New Jersey:

Jason Kidd

Richard Jefferson

J-Kidd has been in many trade rumers lately

New Jersey's Benefit: A younger team. J-Kidd is now 34 years old. Now look at the new team.

C - Mikki Moore - An expereanced and liable Center with young evolving Josh Boone comming of the bench.

PF - Nenad Krstic - If he can come back from injury we now what he can do. He can also play Center (age 23)

SF - Tracy McGrady - Overated but still a great player

SG - Vince Carter - another great player and has been getting many tripple doubles lately. Also friends with Tmac

PG - Rafer Alston - Bad shot selection but something that can be coached. Pretty good at seeing the floor.

And ofcourse a 1st round pick

Trade will work well with both teams

Wich team do you thing would be better?

Do you thing this is a realistic trade?

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    I think it would hurt the Nets. Alston, Carter and McGrady on a team. That's about 50 shots a night among them. They're also low percentage shooters as well. I think the Nets should shop Kidd and Jefferson to young developing talent like Iguodala to start rebuilding especially if Carter signs with Orlando.

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    I think this is sort of realistic but u gotta look at this with a little more depth

    1) houston is arguably one of the best teams in the West

    (i.e. they are in the top 4 for the best record in the NBA this season, Jeff Van Gundy is one of the NBA's hottest coaches, and the one-two punch Yao and McGrady)

    2) Yao and Mcgrady didn't play with each other a lot this year thus next year they shall improve and maintain a high level of success and chemistry

    3) Houston will probably not risk the McGrady, Alston 1st round pick for RJ and J-Kidd why u might ask?

    a) McGrady is a better player than RJ in every aspect of basketball starting from experience to level of playing

    b) 1st round picks are something they need right now

    they are gradually becomin an older veteran team

    c) Alston has been there best 3pt man and has been a decent PG while J-Kidd is a phenomenal player... he is 34 years old and looking to retire before 36 (i.e. he has no more juice in him)

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    McGrady is a phenomenal talent. His team won more than 50 games in the Western Conference. You are correct that Kidd is 34 years old, which makes me wonder why the Rockets would be eager to trade for him when they are trying to get younger around Ming.

    Alston is not great, though his true shooting percentage benefits from his 3-point acumen. The real problem for Houston is the lack of a reliable Power Forward and an extraordinary lack of depth. They would be better off waiting for the draft and making a smart move at the mid-level.

    This team is moving in the right direction. No need to blow it up.

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    why would u wanna trade 1 of the 3 best point guards in the league....RJ..i can live with that trade....and tmac and carter are related not just friends...the nets need a Big man in the middle to take pressure off kidd and carter ..cause everybody knows whose gonna shoot the ball for the nets..kidd, carter or jefferson ..they have no presence in the middle

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    as a rockets fan...i saw NAY....

    tmac is still kinda young and is a great player...and although i like alston, he has to go....hes a GOOD PG...but he CANT shoot..and tht is killin houston...wht they need to do is bring in a good shooting PG and move tmac to the 3 and make luther head or someone else the 2....

    and move shane to the bench or as the 4....

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