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Best way to bike w/ groceries?

Any advice on biking with groceries? I have an old 15 speed with a rack on the back. I've been looking into panniers and backpacks to carry groceries back from the market (about 1 mile away). I found plenty of backpacks, but which to get is the question - hiking or day trip, and what size? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Here's your solution. The TransIt Grocery Bag Pannier. $20 @ Performance Bike.


    And the rack


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    if you want a backpack, go to a sporting goods store or even Costco, and look at the different models they carry. you just need one with a single large pouch to put the bags in. you could also get those touring style bags for your bike. they attach to a rack on the back and hang over on each side of the wheel. keep the fragile stuff in your backpack though.

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    I use to bike to get groceries all the time. I bought one of those trailers for your bike used to pull kids. Worked great I could load all my groceries into it. Great for hauling just about anything around. Comes with a hitch and a quick attach. There are several makes, just buy the cheapest you can find if plan on just using it for groceries.

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    back in college (the only time I ever lived "car-free") I used a regular daypack. could get a gallon of milk + a day or 2 worth of munchies in there for a 4 mile ride home.

    trailers are also good ideas.

    if you don't have much $ and don't care about looking hip, try these (a bike shop can order them for you):


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    Would you consider a trailer? With a trailer the weight of the groceries rides close to the ground and hopefully makes riding a little more stable. I have a friend with a BOB trailer and he swears by it (link below).

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    Make use of your rack and fit some panniers

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    A trailer sounds good but also hazardous if you are not careful. I use a large backpack, that's what I do.

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    test out two gallons of any fuid in bags on your handles and you'll see how hard it is.

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