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Lo Duva vs Estrada?

i posted this earlier in baseball by accident and meant to post it in fantasy sports soryy..... but ok soo i've narrowed it down to drop carlos ruiz and pick up one of these guys...lo duca is slumping really badly,and im not sure either catcher will be consistant throughout the year... soo which one do you think will have a better season?? and which one do i choose?

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    Lo Duca by a LONG SHOT. He may be slumping but is a .300 hitter. He plays for the Mets. That means lots of RBI chances and Runs. He will get on track. He's just not putting the ball where he wants or is getting around too fast on off-speed pitches. Lo Duca is an All Star Catcher. He is worth the rough road right now, because he is a Cadillac that has a flat tire. As soon as he adjusts his swing he will go on a nice streak. He has been a streaky hitter since he was a Dodger. He will start to find the wholes in the infield and the gaps in the outfield again, and when he does you will be quite satisfied. If I needed a catcher I would pick him up, but I currently have Victor Martinez, who does all of these and has some good power.

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    Estrada had a good year last year. If you are looking for a catcher with a little more power, go with Estrada.

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    lo duca is better!!

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