Dome light in my car won't go off?

I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer Explorer and my door ajar is on constantly. However, all of my doors are shut tight. Also, when I try and lock it the dome light stays on for about 5 min but eventually goes off. Anyone know what might be causing this? Are their sensors in the doors that may be screwed up? Whats going on here?


Its not on a timer. When it works properly. Which is a rare occasion. The light shuts off immediately following locking the doors.

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    Happened to me - it was the door sensor.

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    If you notice there are no sensors or switches on the door. However there is a linkage on the drivers door. and they all go into the door. Sometimes a good slam of the doors helps. It is usually the drivers door.

    But make sure you wave at the neighbors wondering why the heck you are slamming your doors. If that fails pull the bulb not the fuse fuses do more than the lights.

    Is yours new enough to show which door is ajar.......I thought we were taking about doors not jars.... Oh geez there goes the oldtimers disease..

    Anyway you might pull the front panels and check the switches or as the non-talented suggest, take it to t repair shop.

    Source(s): 26 years Mechanic, 16 as a AAA/ASE certified shop owner.
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    First off the light is supposed to stay on. It's a factory feature. As for the door ajar light, it could be a sensor, it could be a bad switch At one of the doors, or it could just be a faulty light. You do know that's why they are called idiot lights. LOL

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    The door ajar switch is located on the door latch inside the door. They go bad often. The door panel will have to be removed and then remove the bolt from the lower part of the window track to allow room to reach in and unplug the switch, then twist it to remove it from the latch.

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    You have a bad door pin. Probably the drivers door. Your interior light will stay on for a while but then go off because of the battery saver. Easy fix for probably less than $100.

    Source(s): Ford sales for 8 years.
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    some entrance lights are on a timmer.

    After closeing the door, the dome light stays on, to shed light as a courtsey, then shuts it's self off.

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    Yep. One of the door sensors is stuck.

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    their is a delay built into the car to help you get into the house on a dark night...nothing is wrong...its built that way.If the dome light was constantly staying on or if it was aggravating you then just remove the light bulb.

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    Just sounds like you need a door adjustment. Take it to your local dealer and let them fix it.

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