How much will gas cost me to travel from Brentwood, NY to Columbia, SC. I have a SUV with a V6 engine?

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    Hey girl, take the train for $357 round trip for 1 adult and 2 kids. I'll ride you around when you get here.

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    1 Using the Yahoo! map service, get the mileage from Brentwood to Columbia.

    2. Find the average highway mileage for your vehicle.Water it down a bit, (if they say 30, you use 25) because you will be stopping, hung up in traffic, your engine may not be 100% perfectly tuned. ((Check your tire pressure))

    This will tell you how much gas you will need.

    3. Using web sites, find out how much gas is in the states you will be going through, and come up with an average price per gallon. It will also tell you, for example, if gas is cheaper in Virginia than in Maryland or Delaware, you don't want to buy gas in Maryland or Delaware. Fuel up before you leave NJ so you can make it into Va.

    Some simple math will tell you.


    Don't forget tolls!. We call Connectitut theToll Booth State, and New Jersey isn't much better.

    Drive safely.

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    Is it downhill or uphill ?? <;-)

    Seriously -- find out how many gallons your gas tank will hold, and then divide that into the number of miles you will be traveling -- then multiply that answer times the price of gas.

    You also need to factor in how much stuff you will be packing into your car. Make sure your tires are correctly inflated and your oil level in your engine is where it should be-- low tires and/or too little oil causes friction that the car has to overcome, and you lose mileage that way too.

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    I will take about 3 tanks of gas for the trip. If you have a 20 gallon tank at $3 per gallon it will cost $60 per tank. So I'm guessing about $180 for each trip, $360 round trip.

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    approx didtance between those cities is 770 miles.

    you have suv that is v6 so average per milage should be around 15 miles per gallon .

    so 770/15=52 gallons. so just multiply 52 *gas price

    use this formula

    770/(milage of you car)*gas price

    so simple

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    Distance 760 miles

    MPG 16mpg

    About 48 gallons of gas

    $3 per gallon (if you are lucky)

    About $150

    If you get better gas milage ...20 mpg...then around $120

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