What does it say about society when Paris Hilton will probably become more famous after sitting in jail?

Why don't we punish these celebrities who have disregard for the law by ignoring them? Why do we let these people do what they want?

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    1 decade ago
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    what's the mystery?

    people with $$$

    can get away with a whole lot more than people with

    NO $$$$.

    She just came before the wrong judge.

    and or the wrong cop.

    or the right cop depending on point of view.


    I just thought of this.

    It's gotta be an age thing.

    aren't most of the celebrities getting into these little encounters with law/psychiatric community on the young side?

    20's....early 30's?

    If I was a celebrity when I was 22, 23......28.


    a lot of people are possessed with fascination for every detail of celebrities life.

    New Technology gives it to them.

    you can see them without makeup.

    you can see their mug shots.

    you can ooo and aahhh and gush over them as they walk down red carpet.


    And I guess there are people that will get a certain amount of satisfaction seeing Paris Hilton go to jail.

    Got a lot of that going on in America these days.

    Then, when she gets out they gonna DEMAND some sort of display of repentance/remorse and start bitchin about lack of same when celebrity starts hitting talk show circuit upon release.

    and maybe do a little acting...

    wipe away a stage tear:):):)

    I caught wind of some Rosey O'Donnell vs Donald Trump version of "the dozens"

    from link:

    The dozens can be a harmless game of casual, good-natured jibes, an exchange of malicious insults, taunts or, if tempers flare, a prelude to physical violence. While the competition usually seems light-hearted, smiles sometimes mask real tensions. In its purest form, the dozens is part of a custom of verbal sparring, of "woofin'" and "signifyin'" ostensibly intended to defuse conflict nonviolently, descended from oral traditions of indigenous West African cultures.[citation needed] The contest is generally judged informally by any onlookers or bystanders who may be watching. The dozens is a battle for the respect of onlookers and is rarely seen without spectators. The onlookers express approval or disapproval with laughter, jeers, or slang filled catcalls such as, "Ohhhhh! Burned!."

    The dozens has its origins in the slave trade of New Orleans where deformed slaves—generally slaves punished with dismemberment for disobedience—were grouped in lots of a 'cheap dozen' for sale to slave owners. For a Black to be sold as part of the 'dozens' was the lowest blow possible.[1]


    But Rosey and Donald are not in the hood.

    They are on screen.

    with a million people catcalling at screens.

    It's some kind of instinct that morphed into this.

    and economics.

    sells tons of advertising.

    note: and the Hollywod mantra is...


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    1 decade ago

    first she is not going to be in general population she will most likely be in her own separate cell and will not be bothered by any member of the rest of the inmates and will instead spend her time listening to music and signing autographs for the guards . I believe she should have been given 1 to 5 years because that is what people usually get who violate probation , then again she is a celebrity .

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