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Names of your Pets- Tell me names of your pets the recent ones & the ones you use to have?

Recent: Sylvester (cat -10yrs old),Hissy(cat calico-10yrs old) they are brothers & sisters. Callie( cat-4 yrs old), Dwarf hamster( Help me pick a name), Past Ones: Chubbers( dwarf hamster),Cadbury(Rabbit),Tina(Guniea pig),Taffy(Guniea pig),Midnight(Guniea pig-Son of Tina & Taffy),Sara( Part German Shepard & Part Benji Type dog),Lady( Collie),Iguna(didn't havea name),Grass & Sky(Parakeets),Precious(cat),Snickers(Cat),Lola,Simba & Crybaby babies of Callie( Still alive but with my friends),Megan part husky/maamute),Sport-Beagle,Goats-Don't think they had names,Spot(Cocker spaniel),Gypsy(Coonhound),Hank(coonhound),Raccoon(don't think it had a name),2 others rabbits but don't remember their names,Ferret(dont think it had a name),Fred(GoldFish),Angel(Angelfish),Barney(Goldfish),Betta(can't remember the name),Cheif(coonhound),Annie(Coonhound),Rosco-Cat,Goldie(Rooster)I think thats it! Just curious!

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    Hatch, 10 yr old Collie

    Niko, 14 yr old Black Cat, Bombay

    Stevie, 11 yr old Black Cat

    Cee Cee, 6 yr old Siamese

    Milicente, 4 yr old Snowshoe Kitty

    Symon, 1 yr old Black Cat

    Jeter, 1 yr old Grey Cat, Chartreuse

    Janie, 12 yr old Schnauzer, Silver, lives with daughter

    Roxie, 10 yr old, Black Cat, Bombay, lives with daughter


    DJ "Darnell Jones", 10 yr old Black Cat, passed away last summer

    Lucy, Bassett Hound, Girl, named after the guitar and for all the loose skin, song came on when on the way home from getting her.

    Rocky, Doberman, Girl actually Roxella Katrina, but too hard to say, I didn't name her

    Rosie, Doberman, Rocky's daughter

    Fred, Red Doberman, Rocky's son

    Little Bit, Shetland Pony

    Magan, Small Quarter Horse

    Sunny, Large Tennessee Walker, Chestnut Bay

    Brandy, Mutt Horse

    Fritz, White German Shepard, Boy

    Gal, Irish Setter, Girl

    Honey, Yellow Tabby Girl Kitty

    Tiki, Siamese, Girl

    Tavi, Siamese, Girl

    Rikki, Siamese, Boy

    Terra, Siamese, Girl

    Bernie, White Toy Poodle, Bot

    Jett, Black Toy Poodle, Girl

    Rosie, Shepard, Collie Mix

    Sam, Shepard, Collie Mix

    Dasie, Silky Terrier

    Mildred the turkey

    Hazel, Leopard Appaloosa

    Beeker and Honey Dew the finches

    Babykin, Dark Tabby

    Sylvester, Black and white male kitty

    Lester, "Less of Vester", Sylvester's smaller clone

    Zeek, the Rooster

    Red, the hen

    Cracker, the Muscovey Duck

    Daisy the Peking Duck

    Louie, Huey and Duey the Mallard Ducks

    B. Bunny, Girl Californian Bunny after the lettering on Bugs Mailbox as seen in the cartoons.

    Coltrane the parrot fish

    George the squirrel

    Poo Poo and Princess Pig, the Guineau Pigs

    Natalie, the hamster, she had six babies all different colors

    Many more over the years.... Loved each and every one.

    In all the years I have only had three that were extreme challenges to handle or never responded to love. Most were adoptees, found after adandoned, or rescue babies.

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    My current babies are Tritan (2 yr old yellow Lab Retriever) Remy (5 yr old Pit Bull) Piggie Pig ( 5 year old Guinea Pig) Teddy ( 2 yr old Russian Hamster) Big Red ( 13 year old Quarter Horse) Sampson ( 8 year old Dutch warmblood) Gilbraltor ( 8 year old Friesian warm blod cross) Mirage ( 10 yr old Throughbred Quarter Horse). Pasi well the list would be very long. My family had a horse breeding farm with ouver 55 horses, but the speical ones would have been Canyon, HowD, JJ, TJ, Ghost, Bandit, Dixie, Tuffy, Big Red I, Candy, Darby, Skip, Joe, Peppy, Pops, Cody, April, Blitz, Blixon, and I am sure I am missing some, Dogs, Shannon (Rottweiler) Courtney (Welsh Corgi) Yogi (Akita) Lady and Lassie (German Shepherds) Kelli (Collie) Oreo (Border Collie) Reo (Red Aussie Cattle dog or Heeler) Buddy St Bernard) Diapers (Aussie Shepherd) Jack (Aussie Cattle dog) Missy (Pekingneese Lhasa mix) Muffin (Lhasa Apso) Hedi and BLitz (Dobermans) . Guinea Pigs of the past Fluffy, Teddy Bear, Patches, Monster, Hamster Sabooca, Pasquil.

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    Cats: Cesar, Sebastian

    Rabbits: Chance, Honeysuckle, Nester

    Frog: Bouncy

    Fish: Dizzy, Goldie

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    Blimey, I have had a few since childhood, will see how many I can remember.

    Ginger and Sandy (two ginger sister cats)

    Whiskey (2 black and white cats of this name at different times)

    Skippy (A female whippet)

    Smokey (a grey kitten we got from a rescue centre who sadly didn't make it)

    Daggot (a female tabby named after the origional battlestar galactica series and that robot dog)

    Humphree (another tabby but turned out to be a female!)

    Moses (a silver/grey tabby which turned out to be female also!)

    Turbo (a huge black cat who was insanely quick as a kitten)

    Diesel (a black and white cat who purrs just like a diesel engine)

    Think that's it!

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    Current: cats Clover, Zephyr, Nova Scotia


    cats: Ajax, Boo, Peeks, Nacho, Taco Bell, Eugene, Banjo and Little Bits.

    Dogs: Howdy, Noah and Tuppence

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    Current: Leo (cat, 8 years old), Eli (flame point Siamese 2 1/2 yrs old), Lily (tabby girl 6 yrs old), Tulip (tabby girl 4 yrs old), Tuna (tabby girl 2 1/2 yrs old), Tyson (Russian blue 1 year old).

    We had quite a few pets during the time that I was growing up.... Turner (orange long haired kitty), Katy (scotty dog), Amber (kitty), Shelly (kitty), Thor (orange cat), Ebony (black cat), Izzy (gray & white cat), Jack (siamese), Daisy (rat terrior), Millie (mix breed puppy), Leon (ferret), Maybelline (ferret), Bonsia (bird), assorted fish, and other pets that I cannot remember the names of (I was really young).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Current Cats: Blue point Siamese: Mystical, Russian blue mix: Gandolf

    Dearly departed Cats: Stryder (tabby), Golum (tabby) Uru' Kai (grey longhair-lost in dovorce)

    Dogs: current-Lady Arwyn (American Rott), Past-Max (long hair chihuahua), Red (Red Dobbie), Buster (boxer mix), Ninja (wolf mix), and my beloved Beagle Precious

    Dwf siberian Hamsters: initially there was the 3 mouseketeers Porthos, Aramis, Athos (oops weren't they all boys?!) then came Gambit, Wolverine, Psylocke, Nightcrawler.

    Lizard- Gecko named Yoda

    Parakeets-Atrayu, Vortex, Salvatore

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    Let's see, right now I have two dogs, Meko, and Precious ( named for the ring off Lord of the Rings), Cat's : myrlee, gizmo, lil bit,bugger, buster and shaggy. It would honestly take to long to named all the pets I have had in my lifetime. I have had a pet ever since I was little, and this Saturday I will be turning the big 50.

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    Hmm let's see current

    Garfield aka Tubbutt (4yr old approx 22lb orange tabby cat)

    Simba- 3yr old orange tabby although some people say he looks part cougar( I know it's not possible but still)

    Tigger- approx 1yr old orange tabby

    my wife's a redhead so she has a thing for orange tabbys

    Pookie- 4yr old russian blue looking cat

    Mitzy- 4yr old calico cat

    dog- Casey 3yr old black lab

    past animals:

    Heathcliff aka Lump(dec)

    Dink (dec)

    Fryguy -15yr old gray tabby (he and Dink were actually brothers and Fryguy's the last in a long line of cats at my parents house that started close to 25yrs ago)

    Surf (dec)

    Shnozz(dec) mother of Dink,Fryguy, and Surf

    Fluffy(dec) the matriarch of that entire line

    plus too many more to list


    Squeaky aka Killer- (dec) Killer actually came from the fact my father was embarresed to be calling the dog by her real name when he walked her.

    Snowball(dec)- nasty a** Samoyed we had at one point

    Bandit(12yr old lab/Shepard mix)/Smokey (10yr old Lab/God knows what mix) live with niece in Virginia

    Valcor aka. Ratdog, and Ugmug would also answer to Bandit, Smokey, stupid, and s**thhead - my ex-wife's pit bull pup that got left at my parents house when we moved out west, parents sent to pit bull rescue after he ate their couch. One of the nicest dogs we had.

    Oh yeah almost forgot Tigger and Pookie's unnammed kittens.

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    Right now - I have a cat names Psycho. I also take care of my mom's pets. Bubbles -turtle; Snickers - dwarf hamster; Bambam,Taz,Cuddles,Maxie, Baby -dogs Skittles - bird.

    I've also in the past had an emu named Big Bird and an oppossum named Igor.

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