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any female phiosophers?

are there any famous female philosophers? if yes, list them for me .


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Simone de Beauvoir and Luce Irigaray are two of my all time favorites!! Here's a million more... Enjoy :)

    Hannah Arendt, (1906-1975) C O R W

    Arete of Cyrene, (4th century B.C.)

    Aspasia of Miletus, (5th century B.C.)

    Mary Astell, (1666-1731) A B C D1 D2 R

    Babette Babich (1956-)

    Linda Badham, (born 1950)

    Annette Baier, (born 1929) O

    Ban Zhao, (c. 35-100) D2

    Susanne Bobzien

    Antoinette Brown, (1825-1921) D2

    Judith Butler, (born 1956)

    Mary Whiton Calkins, (1863-1930) W

    Nancy Cartwright (born 1943) O

    Margaret Cavendish, (1623-1673) A B C R

    Christine de Pizan, (c. 1365-c. 1430) G R

    Andrea Christofidou

    Patricia Churchland, (born 1943) C

    Hélène Cixous, (born 1937) R

    Catherine Trotter Cockburn, (1679-1749) A B C R W

    Lady Anne Finch Conway, (1631-1679) A B C D1 O R W

    Simone de Beauvoir, (1908-1986) D1 O R W

    Émilie du Châtelet, (1706-1749) R

    Raya Dunayevskaya, (1910-1987)

    Dorothy Edgington

    George Eliot, (1819-1880) G R

    Elisabeth of Bohemia, (1618-1680) A B C R

    Philippa Foot, (born 1920) C O W

    Dorothea Frede, (1941-)

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman, (1860-1935)

    Hannah Ginsborg

    Emma Goldman, (1869–1940)

    Marie de Gournay, (1565-1645) D2

    Celia Green, (born 1935)

    Susan Haack, (born 1945) W

    Jane Heal

    Ágnes Heller, (born 1929)

    Heloise, (1101-1162) D2

    Mary Hesse, (born 1924)

    Hildegard of Bingen, (1098-1179) D1 R

    Hipparchia, (4th century BC)

    Jennifer Hornsby, (born 1951) O

    Rosalind Hursthouse

    Hypatia of Alexandria, (370-415) C R

    Luce Irigaray, (born 1930) C O R

    Martha Klein

    Christine Korsgaard

    Julia Kristeva, (born 1941) C O R

    Susanne Langer, (1895-1985) O R W

    Michèle Le Dœuff, (born 1948) O R

    Leontion, (4th century BC)

    Rosa Luxemburg, (1871-1919) R

    Catherine Macaulay, (1731-1791) G

    Ruth Barcan Marcus, (born 1921) C O

    Harriet Martineau, (1802-1876) R W

    Damaris Cudworth Masham, (1659-1708) A B C R

    Mechthild of Magdeburg, (1210-1285) G

    Mary Midgley, (born 1919) W

    Ruth Millikan, (born 1933) O

    Iris Murdoch, (1919-1999) O W

    Nancey Murphy, (born 1951)

    Judith Sargent Murray, (1751-1820) D2

    Martha Nussbaum, (born 1947) C O

    Onora O'Neill, (born 1941) O W

    Janet Radcliffe Richards, (born 1944) O

    Ayn Rand, (1905-1982) R

    Rosemary Radford Ruether, (born 1936)

    Ruth Lydia Saw

    Anna Maria van Schurman, (1607-1678) D2 R

    Lady Mary Shepherd, (1777-1847) A C

    Sor Juana, (1648-1695) D2

    Anne Louise Germaine de Staël, (1766-1817) R

    L. Susan Stebbing, (1885-1943) W

    Edith Stein, (1891-1942) D1

    Gabrielle Suchon, (1631-1703) R

    Harriet Taylor Mill, (1807-1858) C D1 R

    Teresa of Avila, (1515-1582) C

    Judith Jarvis Thomson, (born 1929) C O W

    Baroness Mary Warnock, (born 1924) O

    Simone Weil, (1909-1943) C D1 O R

    Victoria, Lady Welby, (1837-1912) W

    Mary Wollstonecraft, (1759-1797) C D1 G O R W

    Frances Wright, (1795-1852) D2

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some Contemporary Awesum Philosophy Ladies:

    Avital Ronell [aka (seriously, not effing around) The Dark Queen of Deconstruction]

    Judith Butler

    Julia Kristeva

    bell hooks

    Kelly Oliver

    Sheballa (and the Sheballas)

    Monique Wittig

    Luce Iragaray

    Helene Cixous

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  • Izen G
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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately many of the truly great ones are unknown. I'm certain that MANY of the male philosophers throughout history became or were "great" ONLY because of the roles played by females in their lives!!!!! Directly or indirectly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Savitri Devi, Sappho (b.c. Greece), Louise otto. Each of them was famous according particular stream of age or according to what they wrote about :)

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